Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 09

U.S. Midwest hit by Perfect Gasoline Storm
More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare
Portugal is longing for dictatorship
Five Surprising Facts About Hyperinflation
Despite Jobs Report, Street Unsure Of Fed's Next Move
What Is The Singularity And Will You Live To See It?
Fed and Treasury Irate at NY Bank Regulator's

Economic Uncertainty is the REAL problem
What is The Singularity?
The Singularity
Stronger, Faster and Smarter, Our Bionic Future Has Arrived
Making Scotland the Green Energy Capital of Europe -

The ECB's Collateral Bailout
Israel and Egypt's Military Benefit from the Sinai Attacks
Is Inflation Lurking Despite High Unemployment?
Why Do We Pay Interest on Money Created Out of Thin Air?
Stockton, California Went Bankrupt. Is Your City Next?
What is the Singularity?
The Employment Rate In The US Is Lower Than It Was In The Last Recession
The US Economy By The Numbers
White House considers executive action to address cybersecurity
Report: Rep. Steve King mulling bill

US bankruptcy laws protect thieves
LIBOR Rates.
Despite controversy,

Arizona's first Potbelly Sandwich Shop set to open in Phoenix
Greece's Power Generator Tests

Gold Climbs As China's Inflation Cools, Boosting Stimulus Hopes
The future of air travel: Nasa and Boeing

NRC suspends nuclear plant licensing

Rep. Steve King considering bill

New Buy Signals for Gold and Oil
Keep Your Eye on Global Dow and Treasury Yields
A123 Goes Chinese --

Meet the Guy Whose Tech

India-Style Blackout Could Strike The U.S.
Beware, Tech Abandoners.

Mexico destroys 8 mn chickens amid bird flu outbreak
Be wary of talk about privatizing the post office
Survey: 61% of employers

Housing regulator warns about 'eminent domain' use
Standard Chartered will test a new line
9 Reasons Facebook Will Crash
FHFA Weighs in on Eminent Domain Proposals
A very dark Knight
The Dispossessed Majority
Papa John's: 'Obamacare' will raise pizza prices
No More Growth Miracles
Don't Be Fooled, Regulations Cost Jobs
Uncle Sam Still Living Well Beyond His Means
Update on Italy, The consequences of contagion?,

The Perverse Reason Home Prices Are Rising
The Real Problem With Welfare: It Stopped Helping the Poor
Why the Man Who Invented the Web Isn't Rich
Getting around a dead-end in Syria
A Golden State train wreck
Over 100 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare
Stockton, California Went Bankrupt. Is Your City Next?
Webster Tarpley: Turkish & Saudi Officers

Dark Pools and High-Frequency Drone Wars

Why Europe Matters… And How Spain Could Wipe Out Your 401(k)
From Occupying Wall Street To "Dying For Work"?

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