Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 07

Economic Data Underscores Weakening Activity
Postal Service On The Verge Of Default
Warning: Hidden Obamacare Taxes

Fiscal Cliff 2013 Fears Already Stifling U.S. Economy
What Happens to the Gold World

Quick Take on USD
Promises, Promises
The Reason Behind China's Interest in Canada's Oil Sands
U.S. Midwest hit by Perfect Gasoline Storm
Trans Mountain Pipeline Could Change Canada's Energy Future
The New Ugly Americans
America: Christian or Post-Christian?
Renewable Fools Standard
Bee swarm attacks Hillary Clinton
Panetta says Pentagon will drop

NY regulator: British bank helped Iran

Second Fire In Five Weeks Burns Missouri Mosque
LIBOR Rates.
Amazon.com to offer textbook rental service
Apple Mountain Lion Lashes Mac To IPad: Rich Jaroslovsky
Consumer Comfort In US Falls On Concern Over Growth
Service Industries In US Expanded At A Faster Pace In July
Job Gains Topping Forecasts Ease US Slowdown Concerns
Apple To Drop Google's YouTube From New Version Of IOS
Second TSE System Error

Treasuries Snap Loss After Bernanke Notes 'Struggle'
Inside the Latest Jobs Report
The Syrian Mousetrap
Fed Hits Kill Switch on Liquidity
Illinois to Spend More on Pensions Than on Education
Draghi and friends just want your money
Standard Chartered Bank

China lambasts US over South China Sea row
Syria's prime minister confirms defection

Syria's latest defection:

Wade Michael Page named as temple gunman

One in 12 Facebook accounts 'fake'
Wisconsin temple killer was neo-Nazi

The Bond Market's China Syndrome
Revolution in a Vacuum
Bernanke: despite recovery, many struggling
As elections loom, Fed's Fisher sees policy minefield
Federal Reserve says U.S. bank lending conditions easing
Public pension investments post losses in second quarter
Negative interest rates

Debt crisis threatens to break up Europe
Germany and Italy near blows over euro
U.K. bank accused of laundering money for Iran through U.S.
Keystone XL pipeline may threaten aquifer

Assad regime crumbling down to core
Tim Tebow means business
Treasury to receive $750M more from AIG stock sale
Why Europe Matters…

Another Market Breaks -

Illinois to Spend More on Pensions Than on Education

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