Friday, July 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 27

Pew: Some Voters Still Believe Obama Is Muslim,

How Ben Bernanke Can Prevent the End of Civilization
The Attack On Chick-Fil-A

Economy: The U.S. Retail Collapse Accelerates
State Dept. Says It Will Fight For Internet Freedom

Rahm Emanuel, The Dictator
Ten Reasons Why Fracking is Doomed
Richard Rothschild Battles Local Agenda 21
Mayor Bloomberg Says

NSA whistleblowers:

School supt.: Churches opposed to homosexuality not welcome
Chamber of Commerce to promote shale boom in campaign
Hawker Beechcraft defends bonus plan for top execs
Actuary: GOP Cuts To Social Security Anti-Fraud Programs

LIBOR Rates.
Gold may return to trading like a safe haven asset: UBS
Gold may stay above $1,600 on likely stimulus measures
Gold & Silver Jump to 3-Week Highs
Four Reasons Why the Government Is Destroying the Dollar
Central Banks Chomping At the Bit: Perpetual 'QE'
GATA files new gold records requests

Citigroup's ex-CEO does an about-face on big banks
Fear prompts gun sales, panic after Colo. massacre
Walmart accused of firing union organizers

US midwest drought worsens despite rains
Obama calls for US gun control laws

Bombardier to halt production of Learjet 60 XR;

Global Economy In Worst Shape Since 2009
Syria: Washington's Latest War Crime
The Middle East after Assad
Citi sees 90 percent chance of Greece leaving the euro
Everything You Need To Know:  The Economic Collapse For Dummies "Micro Documentary"
The War On Silver
Europe Is Sleepwalking Toward Imminent Disaster, Warn Top Economists
Greece to run out of money by August 20
Debt crisis: Greece to run out of money by August 20
Sceptics abound as Mario Draghi's ECB bond 'bluff'

Two apples a day keeps the cardiologist away
Syria dispatch: Rebels forced to share guns

Colorado shooting:

A Very Mean (But Maybe Brilliant) Way to Pay Teachers
Ben Bernanke Doesn't Care

U.S. Cities vs. European Countries: How Do They Rank?
Inside the Quest to Put the World's Libraries Online
Gun Sales Are Through the Roof
LIBOR Fraud May Be the Mother of All Bank Scandals
Republicans want to raise taxes on the poor. Why?
Alcatel-Lucent to cut 5,000 jobs,

Economic outlook still gloomy

Pentagon official says civilian workforce

Obama calls for measures against gun violence
Lord Christopher Monckton -

Keiser Report: Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers (E319)
United Nations, Agenda 21 and the ICLEI
Richard Rothschild on Agenda 21
ICLEI Agenda 21
Obama to be the next President prophecy
KICK ICLEI OUT: Santa Rosa CA Council Meeting
Bloomberg on a potential police strike
Exposing ICLEI Agenda 21 (United Nations):

Santelli Rants: "Ditch The Duct Tape; The Problem Is Insolvency"

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