Monday, July 23, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 23

Egypt Allowing Palestinians Entry Without Permits
Al-Qaida: We're returning to old Iraq strongholds
US hawks rally to defend defense
Too Big To Fail - Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money
Police: Shooting Suspect Told Officers He Was 'The Joker'
12 Signs Showing The Next Recession In The U.S. Is Underway
Quantitative Easing: QE3 Is Coming and Here’s How To Prepare
Complex portrait emerges

Why the US is in an Invisible Depression
The Trajectory is for Oil Prices to Rise
Colorado Governor Schools Candy Crowley:

George Will and Jennifer Rubin Demolish

On PBS, Bill Moyers Trashes America and the NRA

Coal Set to Make a Comeback

Natural Gas is the Next Logical Step in US Energy
Bank Failure Friday: FDIC Seizes 5 Banks!
China to formally garrison disputed South China Sea
The Dark Knight Movie Massacre
& Why I Carry a Gun Everywhere I Go

Ban Guns? Blame the Pulpits & Believers!
LIBOR Rates.
IMF To Stop Further Aid Tranches To Greece, Spiegel Says
Treasury yields tumble; Gross favors real assets
Scientific study proves energy efficient bulbs

Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin!
Moral and Financial Relativism
How to Kill an Economy
Nationalizing the Financial Industry
Message to Europe: It's Time For Your Bank Holiday
We're Headed To $8 Natural Gas
Fed looks at third round of easing
Wealth doesn't trickle down รข€"

Libor arrests in US could be imminent, say sources
Assad's weapons could fall into Hezbollah's hands,

Colorado shooting renews

Israeli forces could intervene in Syria over chemical weapons
U.S. weekly jobless claims shoot back up
Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes jailed in solitary:

U.S. crops bake in searing heat, no relief for weeks
Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrests
Shots fired from Egypt at Israeli troops, none hurt
Chris Hayes on the Twilight of the Elites

Blaming the Spanish victim as Europe spirals into summer crisis
Is the US losing patience with the eurozone debacle?
Batman cinema shooting:

Batman won't save you
Shootings renew fire at gun-law adequacy
USA Reaping The Whirlwind (TRUNEWS)
Colorado Dark Knight Batman Shooting

This Is The Government:  Your Legal Right to Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied
Lieborgate: Here Come The Arrests

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