Friday, July 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 20

Netanyahu refuses explicit Iran threat
Nouriel Roubini:

America's worst drought disaster just got worse
Merkel wins Spain bank bailout vote with large majority
Should we be worried

Market-Rigging and Price-Fixing
This Major Fed Move is About to Create an Explosion in Gold
12 Signs That The Next Recession

Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening To America?
Chinese premier calls for closer economic,

UN Arms Transfer Treaty (ATT) on Small Arms:

Netanyahu vows to react 'forcefully to Iran's terror'

Geoengineering: Sun-Reflecting Chemicals

Is Gold is Making a Comeback?
Crony Nation
Obama's Rhetoric
Understanding the Situation in Syria
11 International Agreements

20 Signs That All Point To The Exact Same Thing -

New High-Tech Body Scanners Coming, Courtesy of the CIA
LIBOR Rates.
A sneaky way to control guns
Russia, China veto Syria sanctions resolution at UN
Weimar America: Four Major Ways

Feeding Frenzy Seen If Wall Street Sues Itself Over Libor
How the Elites Built America's Economic Wall
Lieberman Revises Cybersecurity Bill Seeking Senate Support
Scranton: When Your City Needs to Go Bankrupt
California's San Bernardino Bracing for Bankruptcy
Why Drop in Foreclosures Is Bad for Housing Market
Operation Twist, disinflation and precious metals
Some bullish factors in Gold

It really is a world-wide web!

14 killed, 50 wounded at Aurora movie theater
BlackRock Mulls Legal Action Amid Libor Scandal
China to buy US assets via GM pension
Syria: Bashar al-Assad swears in minister

Obama Backs Israel

Authorities Give Gold Price Another Leg Up
Retirees hit hard by foreclosures
Refinancing Debt Into Prosperity
New York Fed plan aims to stop runs on money funds
Beware the singularity, says Skype founder
Ambrose Evan-Pritchard:  Fed Fiddles While America Slides Back Into Recession
Spanish debt crisis returns as Germany nears bailout fatigue
Can Assad Be Kept from Using Chemical Weapons?
Mired in Gridlock, Congress Barrels Toward a Fiscal Cliff Over Debt
Pentagon reportedly seeking to avert Israeli strike

Gloating Ahmadinejad hints at Iranian responsibility for Burgas terror attack Israel has suffered 'a response' far greater than its 'blows against Iran,' says president
Syrian rebels seize control of Iraqi,

Libor fraud exposes Wall Street's rotten core
Foreclosure crisis hits older Americans hard
Paul C. Roberts on "the REAL LIBOR scandal"

Henry Gruver July 7, 2012 (Steve Quayle)

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns
Lew Rockwell Pins the Tail on Ben Bernanke and the Rest of Washington's Donkeys!
Dreams from My Real Father:

On The Brink of Full Scale War Against Syria & Iran!
Peter Schiff: "What We Need is Capitalism

Alert Level 3.8 Nibiru Explained -

Gerald Celente -- John Stadtmiller Radio Show - July 17, 2012
This Is The Government:

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