Friday, July 13, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 13

Maine Governor Just Can't Stop

U.S. probing failed broker PFGBest's use of small auditor
The price of gold has been manipulated.

Regulators' Shake-Up Seen as Missed Bid to Police JPMorgan
The Market Has Spoken, and It Is Rigged
A Crash Warning Has Been Issued for the Economy:  Buy Gold and Silver
Jobs Selloff Erases Wall Street's Gains for the Week
We Are at a Turning Point
Crash Warning
Are Banks Raiding 'Allocated' Gold Accounts?
Bob Barr: Feds Determined

A scandal over rate-fixing is about to hit the US
The Many Collapses of Keynesianism
The Road to Totalitarianism
Fractional Reserves and Economic Instability
Exposure of Banker Corruption
Combating Widespread Currency Manipulation
The Real Class Warfare is Baby Boomers

Four Reasons To Be Even Less Optimistic About The Global Financial System Than You Were Last Month
Scenes Of Despair
USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees
LIBOR Rates.
IMF to Cut Growth Outlook as Global Economy Weaken
How Your Bank Account Could Disappear
New foreclosure filings swell 27% in Chicago area
United places $14B order with Boeing
Signs We Are Approaching a Zombie Economy
Yahoo confirms theft of 450K unencrypted passwords
The Recession's Unexpected Gift:

Comeback kid
New CIA Scanner Rolled Out Soon

Will President Obama Surrender

What did Tim know?
Obama's China Card?
Barclays' Diamond turns to top lawyer for Libor scandal
Over 200 massacred

Euro tumbles as Asian funds shun EU chaos
Nationwide utility payment scam hurts thousands
Wells Fargo pays $175M in discrimination settlement
AP Survey: High US Unemployment to Persist Well Into Next Presidential Term
Baltimore takes lead in suit against banks

Banking and Monetary System
Summer's Biggest Solar Storm

Gerald Celente Interview:  War With Iran Will Be Beginning of WWIII
Gerald Celente - Tommy Schnurmacher Show - July 9, 2012
Keiser Report: Ponzi Overdose (E313)
Keiser Report: From Tommy Guns to Credit Guns (E312)
Government Plans to Use Super Lasers that Can Sense Drugs, What You Had for Breakfast
New Facebook Mobile Ads Push Privacy Limits
Judge Napolitano Explains What Will Happen

Rick Santelli and Nigel Farage: The Euro Debt Mess
Jobs, the real fiscal cliff, Obamanomics
$10 Billion Away From $10 Trillion
The Chronology Of A Collapse:

Jim Grant Discusses The Fed's 'Backward Shooting Gun', And Black Walnut Tree Treasury Replacements
US June Deficit: $60 Billion, $17 Billion Worse Than Prior Year

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