Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 10

Bankrupt Alabama county asks for second look at lawyer fees
Liberals, why are you celebrating Obamacare?
83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare
Moscow Warns West of 'Big War' in Syria
Cyprus: bank crisis will not spoil EU presidency
Barroso in Palestine:

Europe must act fast to avoid the risk of a bank run
Gold May Have Been Manipulated Like LIBOR -

What Does the Future Hold for OPEC?
From Arab Spring to American Summer:

U.S. on Pakistani Pipelines - One Good, One Bad
Unthinkable, Predictable Disasters
Yes, Actually, Obamacare Is the Biggest Tax Increase in History
Bernanke is Helping Destroy the Global Economy By Doing Too Much, Not Too Little
FBI Says Cartel Used Bank Of America To Launder Money
Goldman's Hawker May Get More Bids After China Offer
Roubini: My 'Perfect Storm' Scenario Is Unfolding Now
The Crisis Can Be Solved--If the Government Wants to Do It

LIBOR, the Fed and the TED
Central Banks: Running Out of Ideas, Road
Fractional Reserve Banking, Government and Moral Hazard
Eurozone talks stuck on detail of bank rescue fund plan
More red flags on reverse mortgages
Top Fed officials set table for more easing
Fed ready to do what is needed to meet goals: Williams
Texas rejects key provisions of Obama's health law
ECB pledges action as southern Europe buckles
'A cesspit': Libor scandal may be going on elsewhere
Keiser Report: Bankers Going Ultra-Violent (E310)
Banking Cartel Set to Use Military

Joseph Farah: Obama is A Walking False Flag!
Keiser Report: (E311)
Rick Santelli and Rep Joe Walsh: Small Businesses Are Dying
Paul Craig Roberts - Progressive News Hour - July 6, 2012
Max Keiser: TPP Secret Trade Deal with Dr. Paul C. Roberts
Peter Schiff - The Fed Unspun: The Other Side of the Story
China Threatens With Furious Retaliation

The Effects Of Increasing Global Money Supply On Gold
On Gold As A Hyperinflation Put
Italy's Version Of Austerity: 3 Months Of Vacation
On LIBOR - Sue Them All Or Go Home
The Perfect Storm - Santelli Meets Farage
Scranton Mayor: Minimum Wage For All Or Become Stockton

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