Friday, June 15, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 15

Bill Clinton's words could haunt Obama today
The Disconnect Between Household Wealth and GDP Growth
Tiny, the Mouse, Takes a Giant Step for Mankind
When Your Credit Card Stops Working
The Two Worlds of 2012: Will We Have “Inflation” or “Deflation”?
Germany opens door for crisis solution as Spain downgraded
Fall In May Retail Sails Driven Entirely By Lower Gas Station Spending
Moody's Cuts Cyprus Sovereign Rating Two Notches
S&P Says US to Avoid "Fiscal Cliff," Risks Remain
Report from Greece: Limited Capital Controls Implemented
Fear of a dollar collapse will make the Chinese

Rising Asia Will Soften West's Economic Decline
Russia's Nuclear Industry is a Disaster Waiting to Happen
BP Announces that Venezuela

Tehran Hardens Nuclear Stance
U.S. Probes Cable for Limits on Net Video
Greek Banks Under Pressure
Europe on Edge Over Crisis
New Front Opens in Wireless Battle
Euro Has Collapsed!
Obama Plans to Grant International Tribunals

The Euro's Collapse Is Not Just About the Euro
Fed Says US Wealth Fell 38.8% in 2007-2010 in Housing
Americans Sees Biggest Home Equity Jump In 60 Years: Mortgages
Greeks Return To Ballot Box

Irish Tell Spain To Imagine The Worst In Banking Bailout
O'Neill's BRICs Risk Hitting Wall Threatening G-20 Growth
Ex-Soros Adviser Fujimaki Says Japan

Treasuries Advance On Bets


Greek Election: 'Collapse' Possible No Matter Who Wins
Safe haven signs appearing in Gold: UBS
Life Under the Radioactive Cloud
Inflation: A Five-Month X-Ray View
Egypt's supreme court

U.S. Derivatives Probe Eyes Bank Control of LCH.Clearnet
Oil near $84 a barrel; OPEC holds ceiling
Britain warns Argentina over Falklands "aggression"
Central banks ready to combat Greek market storm
World economies prepare for panic after Greek polls
Hollande urges common euro debt, greater ECB role
Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis
JPMorgan bets sent false signals to wider debt market
Data points to soft U.S. economy, possible Fed action
America will soon need to take advice it offers Europe
Angela Merkel: Germany cannot save the euro on its own
ECB last hope as dam breaks in Spain
Warren Buffett makes record bet with $9.6bn private jet order
The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable
Why Technical Studies Will Broaden Your Career Options
'Grexit not disaster' - Nouriel Roubini in exclusive interview to RT
Transhumanism Agenda Enforced with 'Nanotech Weapons'
Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul will NOT Endorse Mitt Romney!
Clinton At Cuyahoga In 2010:

Steve Quayle MELTDOWN 2 of 3
Is talk of a "Grexit" the Smoke Screen

Nigel Farage Exposing New Giant Euro Banking Scam

The Gary Null Show - 6/14/12 - CHRIS HEDGES
Steve Quayle MELTDOWN 3 of 3
Keiser Report: Hot Potato Counterfeit Cash (E300)
Gov. Bill Haslam on CNBC with Rick Santelli
Keiser Report: Con Games Go Global (E301)
Steve Quayle MELTDOWN 1 of 3
Treaty Negotiated In Secret â€"

Europe Brings Out The "Capital Controls" Bazooka
FX Markets Bracing For Major Event
Here Comes The Herd:
"Highly Volatile Trading Conditions Expected Ahead"

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