Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 13

More than seven in 10 US teens jobless in summer
Holder Refuses to Provide Testimony

The Elite Are Attempting To Convince Us

EU monitors heading to Madrid, despite 'Men in Black' claims
EU states seek advice on Greece exit scenarios
Oil Reverses As Spain Rescue Rally Wilts
Gold Dips As Euro Retreats, Buyers Favor Other Assets
What Flame's Connection To Stuxnet Really Means
Postal chief: If we do nothing, we're Greece
Retirement age must rise - OECD
Oil Prices Fall to 8 Month Low

U.S. Blasts Russia Over Syria
Threat Spreads Across Europe
Puppet show at UN-supported Palestinian NGO:
Group Calls Military Bibles a National Security Threat
Eric Sprott:  Gold Alert
US Gold, Silver mine output declines sharply in March: USGS
Where Silver trumps central planning
JPMorgan doomsday scenario revealed
IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis
Hillary Clinton accuses Russia

Russia protests:

Agenda 21: Kansas Lawmakers Endorse Measure

Globalist Plan: European Union Police State Lockdown
North Dakota Votes for Measure

Dimon's sorry, sees profitable quarter for bank
Myth of Perpetual Growth is killing America
Treasurys extend losses after 3-year auction
Madrid Leans on Its Troubled Banks to Buy Its Bonds
Hubris as the Evil Force in History
Government posts $125 billion deficit in May
Former 'God's Banker' could blitz Vatican

This Time, Europe Really Is on the Brink
Italy's debt worries add urgency

EC preparing secret plans for Greek euro exit
Bundesbank scuppers all talk of EU banking union
More Student Debt, Please:

'Unnecessary' and 'Political': Why Unions Are Bad For America
Drone Warfare Foretells an Ever-Expanding and Illegal War
Major payment processor suspects personal info

WWDC 2012: Maps, Siri on the iPad, Facebook integration, Facetime over cellular, Passcard and more
ING agrees to forfeit $619 million
Russia's independence day: Calls for freedom from Putin
Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices
US Military Wants Drones in South America, But Why?
Annan wants powers to 'twist arms' over Syria
US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters
Rense & Dr Bill Deagle -

Obama blames Europe for US economic problems?
Gerald Celente -

The Problem With Property Taxes
Gerald Celente RT America - 11 June 2012
Jim Rogers on EU Spain Bank Bailout

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