Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 12

Atlanta Fed President Emphasizes Fragile US Economy
Entitlement Programs Are Bankrupting Our Country

HUD Spending $70 Million to Teach Grant Recipients

Senior Boom: 11,000 New Seniors

Nearing the End of the Eurozone?
Bank bailout is no cure for Spain's pain
Is it Time to Prepare for Another Recession?
US Rating Faces 2013 Cut if No Credible Plan
Socialism in Practice: The Lethal Laboratory
Peter Schiff on avoiding the brick wall
The CBO Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead
Inequality, the crash and the crisis:

Foreigners Snap Up Properties in the U.S.
Gold Alert
The Economic Collapse Is Not A Single Event
Is Globalization Good for America's Middle Class? Part 1
Syria conflict: Fears of new massacre in Haffa
Gold-Investment Demand In China To Advance 10%, ICBC Says
Greek Blackouts Risked As Power Companies’ Cash Runs Out: Energy
Bond Bubble Dismissed As Low Yields Echo Pimco's New Normal
Euro Strength Seen By Stiglitz Removing Greek Debt
Lockhart Says Lower Yields Bolster Case For No New Action
Lee Warns On Swift S. Korea Riposte

After Spain, Is Italy the Next Domino to Fall?
The Pernicious Dynamics of Debt, Deleveraging, and Deflation
Fundamentals for gold and silver are very strong
Gold's identity crisis: Safe haven or risky asset?
One billion Silver ounces and hundred billion owners
The Last Best Chance for Stemming the Tide

The Bailout of Spain
Great Recession Shrank U.S. Families' Wealth

Who really benefits from credit derivatives?
Will Globalization Go Bankrupt?
Recession crushed middle-class wealth: Fed survey
Why bondholders are scared about Spain
The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet
By Incentivizing Debt,

In Europe We Distrust
The ever-diminishing returns from Europe's bailouts
Global stocks, euro fall on Spain bank bailout uncertainty
Fed's Williams says Europe presents global threat
Fed officials amplify concerns over Europe
Spooky parallels between Great Depression and euro crisis
This latest euro fix will come apart in less than a month
How Americans Lost Two Decades of Wealth, in 1 Graph
If You've Ever Sold a Used iPod,

Merkel Demands More 'Union' in the European Union
Americans' wealth plummeted 40 percent

Euro crisis: The good and bad for U.S.
Lifeline to Spain falls short; European crisis rages on
Annan concerned about escalation of Syria violence
Calif. public-employee pensions face cuts
Credit Suisse Explains "The Real Issue",

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