Monday, June 11, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 11

The Boomer Shoot
Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions

Damn the Torpedoes
Debt Deflation, Corporate Efficiency and Stock Prices
Trading Gold by Timing the Fed
A Dysfunctional Nation
$125bn Spanish bank bailout sets gold up

Strong-Dollar Fallacy
The U.S. Economy By The Numbers:

Mild geomagnetic storm alert for glancing CME blasts
Italy's bank reportedly takes a 'Roman Holiday' leaving depositors holding the bag
Air Force Set to Be Deployed Inside U.S.

Will the Euro survive?

Euro Zone Exit: What Would Happen Next?
South Carolina's Pension Push Into High-Octane Investments
Beware the spy in the sky:

$7 Million a Minute
No Capitulation = No Bottom
US Budget in Black and White
Student Loans Are the Government's Largest Asset
Central Banks Dither Today, Panic Tomorrow
Will the Euro Survive?
With Scientists Predicting the World's End (Again),

Hundreds evacuated as Colo., NM fires grow
Military Suicide Rate Surges To Nearly One Per Day This Year
Idaho already has a couple of "high tech incubator" projects
Nuclear Cover-Up?

New York Times journalist defends national security leaks
Regulators close 4 banks in 4 states;

Five 'Stand Your Ground' Cases You Should Know About
How Bank of America Execs Hid Lossesâ€"In Their Own Words
Trade deficit narrows as global demand slows
U.S. cities struggle with blighted bank-owned homes
Euro zone agrees to lend Spain up to 100 billion euros
EU's Spain bank rescue may bring only brief respite
Europe's democracies must not

William Hague compares Syria to Bosnia in 1990s
Time to Panic:

A Radioactive Nightmare
In Spain's bailout request, Greece's crisis played key role
Spain relieved, angry over humiliating bank rescue
Workers still feeling the pain in paychecks
Was UFO a Russian ballistic missile?
United States Budget Dilemma
Jim Willie: PART ONE - "Nerve Gas at Fort Knox"
Jim Willie: PART TWO - "He Knew Too Much"
Keiser Report: Cuckoo Trading (E299)
On-Air Attack:

Phony Left Right Paradigm -

Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Nightly Infowars 08 june 2012
Gerald Celente - The National Intel Report - June 5, 2012
The Treasury and the Fed are Robbing Savers
World Awakening to Financial Terror
Here They Come:

The Spanish Bank Bailout:

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