Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 05

1.6 Trillion Dollars More Debt:

Are Guillotines Next?

These Two Traps Are Absolutely Destroying

Identity Crisis Rattles Volvo's Chinese Owner
The End of the Con

EU to Russia: 'the euro will not fail'
Russia to EU:

NASA Gets Two Formerly Secret Spy Telescopes

The Age Of Drones:

Democrats revolving door - will Hillary run?
The Bad Jobs Report Is Just A Very Small Taste

China's J-20 And The American F-22 Raptor รข€"

Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years
Chinese weakening currency adding to commodity woes
Gold:Bullish trend persists,

Limited scope for further declines in US bond yields

Why buy Silver instead of Gold during crisis
The We-Fixed-Nothing Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost
Is Gold in a Bubble?
EPA Using Drones to Spy on Cattle Ranchers

China's One-Child Policy Traced to Roman Population Control
German will rescue euro zone: Ackermann
Why another stock melt-up is likely
Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning
Germany Is Open to Pooling Debt, With Conditions
Is Global Financial Reform Possible?
G7 to hold emergency euro zone talks, Spain top concern
Russia turns east to embrace looming China
Fed "back in play" as Europe crisis intensifies
Portugal props up banks with €6.6bn
Asia's $6.4 trillion in foreign reserves a threat to stability
Global slump alert as world money contracts
The euro is going up in smoke -

NASA sends drones to monitor hurricanes
The U.S. Economy Isn't Just a Man-Made Disaster Film:

How Obama's Cyberweapons Could Boomerang
What Happens When They Get Drones?
Hey, Brother, Can You Spare a Hubble?

It Can Happen Here:

You Must Watch '2012 A World In Turmoil' Video
Ready for Another Summer Swoon?
Europe weighs a more perfect economic union
Commodity prices drop

DOJ to monitor Wisconsin recall election
Facebook considers opening site's doors to preteen children
Seniors connecting with Internet technology

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