Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 31

Pete Hoekstra Defends Birther Commission Proposal
Why Does The Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group?
Oil Advances for Third Day on Outlook for US Economic Growth
How The Super Rich Avoid Taxes

Will Fed Printing Press Try to Save Europe?
Facebook - equities' death knell
Consumer Confidence in US Fell in May to Four-month Low
Home Prices in US Fell at Slower Pace in Y/E March
How Political Clout Made Banks Too Big to Fail
JPMorgan CIO Swaps Pricing Said To Differ From Bank
United To Cut 1,300 Houston Jobs After Win By Southwest
Madrid in 'Game of Chicken' With EU
Unemployment Benefits Ending

Teen's Facebook Posting Gets Her Mom's House Robbed
Ex-employees punish JPMorgan via CDS derivatives trades
Public Pension Plans Faulted for Lofty Return Assumptions
Capital Controls Have No Place in a Free Society
Dylan Ratigan: The Troubling Revolving Door

Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite
California tuna connoisseurs shy away

Moscow pledges to block UN over foreign intervention in Syria
An Argentine Guide to the Greek Crisis
China's Political Storm
Insight: European firms plan for Greek unrest and euro exit
Pending home sales post surprise fall in April
Rosengren wants more Fed easing; Dudley, Fisher don't
Rothschild and Rockefeller: their family fortunes
More reasons why the LME should not fall into Chinese hands
Spain faces 'total emergency' as fear grips markets
Europe Is Literally Running Out of Money
Why Spain Is Officially Europe's Biggest Crisis
White Working Class: Angry, Cynical and Losing Faith
Updates on the Syrian Conflict
Who Will the President Kill Next? It's a Secret
Alarm bells in the U.S
Job recovery is scant for Americans in prime working years
U.S. tech companies warn of threat

European officials propose banking union to ease debt crisis, relieve pressure on Spain
Chinese 'looking for opportunities' in U.S
U.S. must stop using China's fake military parts
China steals $114 million U.S. defense deal with Peru
Survey says Internet traffic to grow fourfold by 2016
Obama signs reauthorization of Export-Import Bank

How Facebook Killed the Virtual World
Europe Is About to Implode... Are You Ready?
Is The End Nigh: Rockefellers And Rothschilds Merge
Food stamp Usage Remains at All Time High, Record Number uf Households Receive $277 in Poverty Assistance Monthly
Enter The Swan
The Second Act Of The JPM CIO Fiasco Has Arrived -

Syrian rebels issue cease-fire deadline

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