Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 24

Doug Casey on Taxes and Freedom, Part II
Superior Biotechnology Leads to Superior Drugs
The Growing Fed
45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America
David Stockman: We are Coping With the Crash of a 30-Year–Long Debt Super-Cycle
No compromise in sight on EU document secrecy
Merkel and Hollande to 'let off steam' at EU summit
Oil Drops On Iran Talks, Brimming U.S. Supply
European Debt Crisis Concerns Jolt Commodities
Gold Sinks 1.8% as Greece Worries Lift Dollar
Wall Street Finishes Flat In Late Reversal
Senate Cybersecurity Bills Under Fire From CISPA Opponents
The Real Crash
US TBond Tower of Babel Teeters
Dollar Backwardation
Renewed Iranian Calls for Israel's 'Annihilation
Rational People Fear Big Government, Not Big Business
Eurobonds: The Issue That Could Shatter Europe
Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones
Why You Should Be Concerned About ICLEI?
Cardinal Zen: Day of prayer,

Barcode everyone at birth
China fake parts 'used in US military equipment'
Merkel Heads for Debt Showdown with Hollande at EU Summit
War-gaming Greek Euro Exit Shows Hazards in 46-hour Weekend
Greece Rattles Global Markets: Gold, Oil 'Getting Crushed'
Morgan Stanley to Adjust Prices on Facebook Trades
Gold is bottoming, to decline further before next rally
Bipartisan Support for Sanctions Spells Bloodshed to Come
Cutting the Cord on Cable TV's Pricey Monthly Bill
Hedge Funds Re-evaluate Gold's Potential
US 'fiscal cliff' looms into view
Eurozone crisis:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

UN Security Council 'tired and out of step',

Fukushima: If Number 4 Collapses,

Mark of the Beast:

Facebook IPO flop drawing increased scrutiny
Tech giant HP to slash 27,000 jobs by 2014
RealD signs deal with China's Bona Film Group
Using the young as a shield for hitting the deficit spending wall – the bill will come due for the young. Government spending prioritizes old American immediate needs and will send the bill to the young.
Small dairies go under as milk prices sink again
Scientists turn skin cells into beating heart muscle
Short sellers lining up to bet against Facebook
Fed near limit on scope to help jobs: Kocherlakota
Regulators, investors turn up heat over Facebook IPO
The Facebook IPO:

Letting Greece leave the euro

Debt crisis: Germany holds a gun to Greece's head
The Great Credit Crunch Continues
A Catholic Spring?
'Pro-choice' Americans found in record-low minority
GERALD CELENTE - Apocalypse Now.

Jamie Dimon's Little Shop of Horrors! Max Keiser Reports
Rise of The EU Commissars: Lord Monckton's In-Studio Report
Steve Quayle May 17 "The Republic is Dead --

Gerald Celente - Goldseek Radio - 16 May 2012
Steve Quayle May 17 "The Republic is Dead --

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