Friday, May 18, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 18

Why the World's Unemployed Youth are Flocking to Brazil
12 Pictures That Demonstrate

April Retail Sales Hint at Slower Spending Pace
Oil Price Still Falling as Supplies Grow
Jump in Gold as France Refutes EU Pact,

Precious Metals Market Manipulation?
The President's 'Other Gospel'
Health Care: No, the State Doesn't Know Best
We Are Watching The Greek Banking System Die

Obama's Lit Agency Used 'Born in Kenya' Bio Until 2007
Super PAC Considers Scathing 'Wright' Attack on Obama

Here's How the Whole Eurozone Could Unravel in Just a Few Months
JP Morgan Unit has $100 Billion in risky bonds:
More Turmoil to Come, Buy Real Assets: Jim Rogers
Gold rise sharply by 216% in Turkish lira terms in 5 yrs: WGC
Selling in Gold largely coming from speculators: Commerzbank
A Line-by-line Analysis of

JPMorgan, a counterparty to itself
A Surprising Conversation with Athens
No, None of This Makes Any Sense
What Will a Greek Default Mean for You?
Real Estate Crash in China Underway
Germany Accepts Inflation to Save the Eurozone
Backwardation in Gold And Silver
Barack Obama tells EU: boost growth now or face a global crisis
Senate summons JP Morgan boss

Americans Elect abandons bid to end two-party stranglehold
G8 at Camp David: what the world wants to achieve
Moody's downgrades Santander UK

US commerce department brings heavy tariffs

The Curious Calculus of the US Employment Numbers
Greece Must Exit
How Brazil Broke Loose
Russia Stays Home
Who is Responsible for the Greek Tragedy?
"Greece Must Exit" comment
Minority Opinions
Federal Reserve Board Vacancies Will Be Filled Today
Planning $10 Million Worth of Jeremiah Wright Attacks

Global banks see market rally on Greek exit
Are the Germans destined to save the euro?
Facebook's Value:

Facebook's IPO: Who's Selling and How Much
Weather-Related Disasters on the Rise
Will Europe Lose the War Between the States?
Postal Service moving ahead with closing mail sorting hubs, though closures will move slowly
Greek euro exit would hit at home,

Facebook's Eduardo Saverin

Hewlett-Packard mulling 25,000 to 30,000 job cuts

Beyond Americans Elect's flop:

Hillary Clinton paid off other Black Preachers

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/05/15 - Multiple Updates
Lindsey Williams - Radio Liberty 16 May 2012
Gerald Celente - Brian Sussman KFSO - May 15, 2012
Rick Santelli: How I Would Solve Europe
Keiser Report: Debt-a-holic Zombies (E289)

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