Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 17

JPMorgan's Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50%
Euro fears rise as Greeks withdraw money from banks
S&P in Third Straight Drop
Clinton: Debt deal should be top campaign issue
Is Greece the Lehman of 2012?
Federal Reserve concerned about fiscal cliff
Outgoing World Bank chief: Fix eurozone
Mobile Wallet Technology:

World Banks have the Power

The Lack of Accountability

The Strong Dollar Leads to a Fall in Commodity Prices
Facebook IPO: Insiders Cashing Out
Patagonia's Founder Is America's Most Unlikely Business Guru
Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed
Obamacare's Patient-Dumping, Privacy-Meddling Scheme
Oil Drops a Fourth Day on Rising U.S. Supplies, Greek Elections
Regulators Snooze While JPMorgan Lights the Fuse
Time Is Running Out for Treasury Market Rally:

Bank Runs Hit Greece
Gold to Hit $1,900 by Year End: Commodities Pro
JPMorgan Fallout 'Could Get a Lot Worse': Whitney
That Which Is Unsustainable Will Go Away: Medicare
The Quiet Revolt
Young Americans delay purchase of homes
Cost of Greek exit from euro put at $1tn
Greeks withdraw €3bn in 10 days since election
'Vulture funds' circle as Greece fears grow
California, the ninth largest economy in the world,

Judge Napolitano: First Patriot To Shoot Down

Dimon didn't practice what he preached at Harvard
Germany will blink and won't let Greece exit euro
Gold adds to losses as Greek uncertainty remains
Greece gets worst of worlds with no euro decision
As Europe's Economic Outlook Darkens, US Risks Grow
Investors favour dollar over gold

Jamie Dimon's Hedge Fund
Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing -

Britain must make ready for the storm

Debt crisis: Greek euro exit looms closer as banks crumble
Federal Reserve members

Underwater Recession
Could a Carbon Tax Save Europe?
The Next Money:

Google Gets Back to Its Roots With New Search Update
Judge Blocks Portion of NDAA
Greece's Balkan Inheritance Is Heavy
Crony Capitalism: After Lobbying Against New Financial Laws, JPMorgan Loses $2B in Risky Bet
The Elite Are Digging Their Own Grave
Gerald Celente - Capital Account - 15 May 2012
Canary In The Gold Mine: In Historic Move, Japanese Pension Fund Switches To Gold For First Time Ever
Get Ready: We're About To Have Another 2008-Style Crisis

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