Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 16

What Facebook's IPO and Treasurys Have in Common
The "Corzine-Dimon Syndrome"
The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet

Jim Rogers:  Get Out of Stocks; Buy Gold, Silver and Agriculture
The Long-term Case For Commodities

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

GM to stop advertising on Facebook
JPMorgan's Dimon gets his $23 million pay package
JPMorgan's Busted Bet Was No Chance Encounter
New Video Surveillance Technology

What Will Happen to Greece and Gold?
Greek Depositors Withdrew $898 Million From Banks Monday
J.P. Morgan Moves to Protect Dimon
The Bank Runs In Greece

Senate to vote on Ryan Medicare plan
Geithner warns Boehner not to play

GOP plans fast track for tax overhaul
Systemic Risk Is Everywhere
Europe Must Face Ugly Reality of Greek Exit from Euro
Greece Weighs $562 Million Default or Yield Choice
Greek President Told Banks Anxious as Deposits Pulled
If Greece Quits Euro, Its Ruin Will Be Pointless
SEC Trade Halts, Best Buy Departure, Compliance
Bill Black: On JP Morgan's "Hedge", Jamie Dimon's Integrity, and the Epic Conflicts of Interest in the Federal Reserve System
Why JPMorgan gets away with bad bets
Europe's Achilles heel
Meet the Man Who Controls More Money than Ben Bernanke
Little country threatens big impact
Boehner says won't hike debt ceiling without cuts
Inflation decelerating, but Fed won't pull trigger
Timothy Geithner: JPMorgan 'case for reform'
America's G-Zero Moment
FBI probes JPMorgan, shareholders back Dimon
Is Fear of Deflation Sapping Gold and Silver?
Why We're All J.P. Morgan Now
Avoid Retirement Health-Care Mistakes
Merkel tells Greece to back cuts or face euro exit
Italy's banks shaken as economic slump deepens
Why Older Americans

Group of Eight set to meet;

Syrian rebels get influx of arms

A promising EU offer Obama refuses to accept
Pentagon to address F-22 pilots' oxygen fears
Jim [Rogers] Interview on Business Insider -

Nomi Prins 2/2 $7.7 Trillion FED Bailout:

Coast To Coast AM - 5-12-2012 -

The Great Depression Part 2/

Nomi Prins 1/2 $7.7 Trillion FED Bailout:

Lindsey Williams on JP Morgan $2 billion loss May 2012
Rick Santelli vs Steve Liesman:

Keiser Report: Countdown to Armageddon (E288)
Santelli Explains Why A Broke California
"Likes" A Hot Facebook IPO

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