Monday, May 14, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News May 14

Germany: eurozone would survive Greek exit
After JPMorgan loss, a call for stricter oversight
Echoes of '67: Israel Unites
After Obamacare
Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council
Two Prime Ministers, Two Americas
Expert Warns:

11 Quotes That Show How Worried

3.6 Million Taxpayer Dollars Being Used To Support The Lavish Lifestyles Of Former Presidents Such As Bush And Clinton
Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans
California Deficit Swells to $16 Billion, Governor Says
China Lowers Banks' Reserve Requirements to Support Growth
Elizabeth Warren Calls for Dimon

Euro Officials Begin to Weigh Greek Exit From Common Currency
JPMorgan Executives Said to Prepare Exits After Loss
Top JP Morgan Chase exec to resign over loss
Margin related selling occurring in Gold, Silver
Some physical buying emerges as Gold prices retreat
Does JP Morgan Have Staying Power?
Chaos, Derivatives, and Quantum Physics
Rosenberg Says Gold 'Will Go to $3,000 Per Ounce'
Europe: Big Problems Remain for Markets
If Greece goes ...
JPMorgan probe into London role in loss
JP Morgan trader 'London Whale'

EU leaders set for showdown on fate of euro as crisis deepens
Greece would face dire consequences

An economy more Clark Kent than Superman
Greek leftist leader rejects coalition government
Slippery-Slope Logic, Applied to Health Care
Degrees of Debt
World edges closer to deflationary slump

Greece will run out of money soon,

It's too late for Germany to save the euro
$1 billion 'ghost town' to be built in New Mexico
Bank fraud?
JP Morgan's $2 Billion Loss

On Defense Cuts, Both Parties Are Far Out of Step With Voters
European Political Extremists Demand Authoritarian State
Banks sink on JPMorgan loss; tech stocks gain
California facing higher $16 billion shortfall
Obama pushes billion-dollar stimulus plan
Wallpaper That Protects You From Identity Theft
What to Expect From the Maps App

Jamie Dimon: Hero Or Goat?
Cyber expert on SMART GRID:

Israeli Unity
Bank Stocks Take Hit on JP Morgan Blunder
Gerald Celente - The Jeff Rense Show - 10 May 2012
After JPMorgan's Huge Loss, Is More Regulation Needed?
Home Not So Sweet:

Fukushima Threatens The Continuation of Life as We Know It
Fukushima Worsening! Tim Rifat

All GOP Delegates Are Free To Vote

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/05/08 - Multiple Updates
JP Morgan's "Unicorn Hedge" Fairy Tale

Keiser Report: Central Bank Monarchs (E287)

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