Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 24

How Iceland Recovered Without Bailing Out Banks
Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president
EU politicians express concern over rise of far-right
Falling Energy Prices:  Good For Jobs, Not So Good For Gasoline
Fears Rise That Recovery May Falter In The Spring
Ladies Beware รข€" New Mobile Phone

Union Suing Indiana:

Banking On Fear: Why the Policy

Superheroes of Central Banking
Facebook's Growth Slows as IPO Nears
Meteor Produces Sound and Fury
TSA installs undercover agents on Texas busses
Drones to soar over US and Canada sooner than thought?
DNS Changer - Information & links for other countries
Trustees say Medicare, Social Security funds running out quickly
Duration Risk: How the Fed

Jobs Beat Foreclosures as Housing-Market Guide
Bundesbank's Weidmann Says

Social Security Fund to Run Out in 2035, Trustees Say
Tech groups pushing for cyberthreat info-sharing bill
Information on how to determine your DNS settings, along with other technical details about DNSChanger
Politics, Markets, and People: On a Collision Course
Aiming for Clarity, Fed Still Falls Short in Some Eyes
Rain, Snow, Sleet and Congress
Global Markets Veer Lower on Turbulence in Europe
Awash in money and piles of debt
Europe pressed for action to end debt crisis
Facebook pays Microsoft $550 million for AOL patents
More companies planning to hire: NABE survey
Don't Let Business Lobbyists Kill the Post Office
A Short History of Modern Taxation in 4 Acts
60 Minutes on the Plight of Palestinian Christians
Are the Limits of American Power Closer Than We Think?
China-Philippines Standoff Intensifies
Ten EU Nations and a New 'Super-President'
The Globalization of Hollow Politics
The Next Republican Party
Democrats plan to force vote

Senate to vote on array of Postal Service overhaul proposals
American argues against union contracts
GAO says Medicare bonuses are bogus
North Korea threatens South with 'special attack'
Senate debates curb on NLRB
Bob Chapman Thinks Things Are So Bad In Europe

Welch, Geitner and Bernanke push balanced budget
Welch fights to avert doubling of student loan interest rates
Christians of the Holy Land
Part 2 James Rickards Interview on Why Central Banks are Obsessed with Gold & Why QE3 is Imminent
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

Ex-FBI Agent Reveals What to Do

Today's Real Estate Market Update

James Rickards Interview on Why Central Banks are Obsessed with Gold & Why QE3 is Imminent
Judge Andrew Napolitano Michael Scheuer

Gold Outperforms As Stock Suffer

Here Is What The "Other" Financial Health Metrics Are Showing
US Welfare State To Run Out Of Cash Sooner Than Hoped For

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