Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 17

Inflation Outpaces Earnings, Threatens Spending
Spain Government May Take Over Some Regions' Finances;

You Are Free To Travelâ€"If The IRS Lets You
Repsol's Cuban Progress an Open Door for U.S.
Too Early To Talk Success or Failure in Iran Nuclear Talks
So far High Gasoline Prices are not Affecting Inflation
India Overtakes China

Taxesâ€"Who Really Is Paying Up
Romney Specifies Deductions He'd Cut
The TurboTax Crime Wave
The Simple Idea That Is Transforming Health Care
Apple Shares Lose Shine
Ouch! Decade of Obamacare Will Cost $1,160 billion
25 Signs That Middle Class Families

Tony Robbins, Ron Paul And Ben Bernanke All Agree:

US Michigan Consumer Sentiment Decreased 75.7 In April
Euro Area Seeks Bigger IMF War Chest on Spanish Concerns
North Korea's Kim Says His Regime Can't Be Blackmailed
China Adds Treasuries for Second Month on Reserve Growth
Banks Seen Dangerous

OptionsXpress Accused by SEC of Naked Short-Sale Violations
Secret Service Sex Scandal Upsets Obama Colombia Trip
U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Fell in April to Three-Month Low
Euro Weakens Ahead of Spanish Debt Sales; Oil Climbs
Consumers Are Spending More, So Sales Are Up
Pothole Nation
The Return of Judge Roy Moore
All Eyes on Spain
Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop
The War for Spain
Taxes and Economic Breakdown
Romney's Lead Economist Urges Policies

Spain has accepted mission impossible
Housing policy is holding back America's recovery
'Buffett Rule' fails Senate test vote
Soros, Trichet and the Asians
There's nothing more uncertain than taxes
U.S. Midwest hit by storms and tornadoes; 5 dead
Spain: Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Save
Weak Selling Leaves Gold Open to Bigger Bounce
Insane Michigan government announces plan

Michigan government unleashes armed raids

Europe's Short Vacation
Tax time pushes some Americans to take a hike
Tax time also means tax cheating
Banks Hold Down Mortgage Casualties
The Next Global Crash:

Peter Schiff:
"FED Agenda to Postpone Pain 'Til After Election"

Keiser Report: Too Broke To Go Broke (E275)
Bob Chapman - Progressive News Hour - April 12, 2012
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Beck: Louis Farrakhan Wants To Wipe America Off the Map
Keiser Report: Somali Style! (E274)
Ron Paul Interviewed by Judge Napolitano
Obama, Rice Condemn North Korea's Failed Missile Launch
Ron Paul at Texas A&M // April 10, 2012

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