Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 11

Buy a House!
Should We Worry about the Class Divide?
Markets wary despite extra round of Spanish cuts
Bernanke Says Financial Stability a Work in Progress
The Fed's Swap Bailout of the Eurozone
Fannie, Freddie regulator still resists principal reduction
Russia Today's 'Capital Account'

Managing Expectations: Why Gold Should Thrive
Despite the Common Gloom, Gold is Still Shining
Doing the Roth Arithmetic
Surging central bank gold demand

Study on healthcare law,

George W. Bush decries raising taxes on 'the so-called rich'
Fisker Considers Overseas Options for Building Second Car
Iran Talks Must Yield a Deal Even Reagan Could Accept
Clinton Joined by Gemba in Warning North Korea on Launch
Will U.S. Avoid a Recession in 2012? (Part 2)
Spain Is on the Bleeding Edge of a New European Crisis
Koch Brothers File Second Lawsuit Against Cato Institute
NFIB: Small Business Optimism Index declined in March
US mortgage and foreclosure law
CFR doesn't like the Volcker Rule
Why Syria should matter to Americans
Why High Inflation is Inevitable
Is the Fed Losing Confidence?
A Return to the Gold Standard,

Capitalism Died Decades Ago
A court order shuts down 175 sites

The Coming China Economic Super Crisis
The suffocation of unsustainable global debt – Total global debt is now over $190 trillion and more than three times global GDP. Contagion with European Union
Deregulation by another name
US set to kick the can further down the road
Spain's 'lose-lose' struggle reignites euro crisis
Brazil president Dilma Rousseff

China Takes Aim at the Profitable Heart of U.S. Manufacturing
How Computers Are Creating

The Euro Crisis Is Back! (Actually, It Never Really Left)
The Last Savior of Newspapers: Rich and Local Owners
Toxic Chicken Is the New Pink Slime
Almost 20% of 3rd Graders Have Cell Phones
Candidate to lead World Bank

Fannie, Freddie might save

'Buffett Rule' touted by Obama

Housing blame game
With eye on Romney,

A streetcar named debt
Defenses brace for N. Korean rocket launch
Government predicts even higher gas prices
Health care law cripples U.S. finances
Worst loss for Dow this year as stocks slump again
America's Debt Is Greater

Employment Gains Slow, Jobless Rate Drops

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