Monday, April 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 09

Introducing the 24/7 Wall St. Wire
Misguided Faith in an Economic Recovery
Is There a Fiscal Crisis in the United States?
Man Knocked Out, Stripped Naked

Americans Brace For Next Foreclosure Wave
Jobs Recovery Suffers Setback In March
Spain Will Exit The Eurozone Firstâ€"This Year
Stocks: Worries About Europe Resurface
What's the central bank endgame in gold?
What Happens to Gold

It's All About Jobs
Gold QE3 Scares
Selling You on Facebook
Dollar Dims on Fed Speculation
Obama's Own War on Women
Agenda21 â€" Wildlands Plan is in full swing in California â€"

Lake Tahoe may challenge Denver for 2022 winter Olympics
Payroll Gain in US "Probably" Exceeded 200,000 for Fourth Month
Job Gains in U.S. Trail Most-Pessimistic Forecasts: Economy
FDA for Derivatives Won't Defuse Wall Street's Bombs
Stock Futures Plunge Following Weak Jobs Report
Strip-Search Case Reflects Death of American Privacy
Black Markets In Gold And Cigarettes Are Exploding In Greece
Jim Rogers: Buy more gold at $1500/oz
Silver has upside potential

Don't Call Them 'Extreme Couponers': Meet the Coupon Enthusiasts
4% solution for retirement doesn't fit all
China doomsayer sees crash coming
Food Banks Fear They Will Fall Short

The creeping cost of consumer inflation

The phony economic deception machine â€"

The suffocation of unsustainable global debt â€"

The Big Easing
The Persian Knot
Gold crash on Fed tightening

What the 'End of Retail' Means for Young Workers
Senator Al Franken: 'privacy is a casualty'

The Jobless Go Begging in Washington State
Spring brings signs of hope and renewal â€"

Older workers face challenges in D.C. job market
Peace Plan for Syria Near Collapse
I'M TALKING TO YOU - Bill Whittle
Austerity cold shower reality check
US government the best money can buy?
Obama's NSA: Close to Knowing All About Us
Economic Hit Men: Paid Professionals

Gerald Celente - Coast to Coast AM - 05 Apr 2012
VIDEO: Black Mob Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist

Marc Faber - The Financial Sense NewsHour - 05 Apr 2012
Keiser Report: Anti-Bank Currency (E272)

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