Friday, April 6, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 06

Your Cell Phone Makes You A Prisoner

Ben Bernanke to Engineer a ‘Shock & Awe’ to Save the Fed
Gold Falls to 3-Month Low, Fed Easing Hopes Wane
Is Now a "Golden" Opportunity?
The Student Loan Bubble is the Next Subprime
Don't Catch Recovery Fever
An Uncivil Income Tax System
19 Signs Of Very Serious Economic Trouble On The Horizon
Andrew Wordes, American Hero
U.S. to Become Tax Debtors' Prison
End Double Mandate to Save Fed's Independence
Gold May Advance for Second Day

Federal Reserve Issues Statement on Rental of REOs
Still accommodative fed policy

How the JOBS Act Turns Ordinary Joes

Bernanke - I'm Slowing Down the Ship
The Coming China Super Crisis
Silver's Trend & the Death of Technical Analysis
Banks Fail To Maintain Foreclosed Homes

Foreclosure Crisis May Worsen As 2012 Goes On
CIO, Board Struggle to Fix CalPERS
Fighting Over the American Home:

Finance as Wealth Transfer Mechanism:

Investors (and Liberals) Beware! Here Comes JOBS Act
Lack of Competition Stifles Refinance Program

Federal judge approves $25 billion mortgage pact
Europe and the Law of Sticky Wages (technical)
Can This 'Online Ivy' University

The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Government
Why Jeffrey Toobin Is Wrong

Cyberattacks: America's Achilles Heel
World War 3.0
FCC pulls plug on LightSquared's cellular project,

The political deadlock over national debt
Wyoming's Buford, self-proclaimed smallest town in US,

The word that must not be spoken
Penney cuts 600 workers, 13 percent of HQ staff
IRS chief warns of 'confusion' on delay of tax-break moves
Muslim Brotherhood seeks U.S. alliance as it ascends in Egypt
Gerald Celente - Stansberry Radio - April 04, 2012
BRICS Plan for the Future - John Browne - April 2012
Peter Grandich--We Told You So-

Joel Skousen on The Jeff Rense - 04 Apr 2012
Keiser Report: Angel Dust for Ponzi-Addicts (E271)
Are The BRICs Broken?

Art Cashin On Bernanke's Secret Banker Meeting

Blythe Masters On The Blogosphere,

Egan Jones Downgrades USA

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