Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 05

Marc Faber: Brace For "Massive Wealth Destruction"
Wall Street's Ease-addicts Give Fed Minutes A Thumbs Down
Moody's Downgrades GE, Citing Risks From From Financial Unit
The Worst of All Monetary Policies
The Impact of Changes to FHA Mortgages
Your Tax Bill:  We Work 107 Days To Pay Taxes

Visible On The Horizon: Inflation
Will Gold be Part of the Emerging World's Future Monetary System?
The Beginning of the End
BRICS Plan for the Future
Probe of Insurers Gains Steam
Gold and Silver-the Ultimate Anti-Fiat Currency

Why Is The Heartland Of America

His Royal Imperial Highness, Barack Obama II
The Broken Promise That Can Beat Obama
Budget War Threatens America's Survival
The Fed's Con Appears To Be Working

Destruction of Spain's Economy Duplicates Greece
Why the Fed Will Intervene If Stocks Fall Too Far
Gold at $2175/oz, Crude oil at $85/barrel:

Silver may rise to $150 this year,

Yahoo confirms layoff of 2,000 employees

Sheriff of the year Patrick Sullivan jailed in Colorado
Geithner: US Can't Let Deficit Fears Stop Investments
Trump Warns 'Massive Inflation' Coming, Prepare
Fed may fine firms not part of foreclosure deal: Evidence mounting that robosigning is still going on
Is Obama About to Gamble With the JOBS Act?
PIMCO's Gross heavily exposed in MBS

White House in damage control

Americans brace for next foreclosure wave
Mike Bloomberg's New York: Cops in Your Hallways
Everything You Wanted to Know

The Fed's IOUs Can Cripple the Economy in 2013
When Trucks Stop, America Stops
Report finds racial discrepancies

Spain back in the crosshairs of euro-zone crisis
Pelosi predicts 6-3 victory for health law
Global Collapse Explained
Dr Deagle Show 2012/03/28 - HARLEY SCHLANGER -

Beyond Currency Wars,

Dr Deagle Show 2012/03/29 - TIM ALEXANDER
'US next Greece if debt is not dealt with'
Dr Deagle Show 2012/03/30 -

Marc Faber, "The Ego of Mr. Bernanke

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/03/27 - Multiple Updates
Dennis Gartman Now Long

The Second Foreclosure Tsunami Is Coming,

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