Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 14

Iranian hand seen in Gaza escalation
Japanese want U.S. military bases gone
CFTC Fines Goldman Clearing $7 Million

Torture in Syria worst seen in 30 years, report says
After 244 Years,

Is Inflation about General Increases in Prices?
Health reform's cost under scrutiny
Mortgage execs charged with accounting fraud
U.S. vs. China: The trade battles
Rage grows over mortgage deal
Handicapping The Collapse
What’s Driving the Gold, Silver Prices?
Central Banks Beat Up on Private Creditors
A new twist on "Operation Twist"
Uncle Sam's Teaser Rate: Low interest rates disguise the federal debt bomb
Will Chief Justice John Roberts Uphold ObamaCare?
Will ObamaCare Discourage Employers From Hiring?
Alert From European Investment Banker
Greek Debt Swap Could Be Short-lived Reprieve
Feds confirm robosigning

Federal Open Market Committee March 13 Statement:

Apple Said to Be Subpoenaed by U.S. on Google Mobile Search
Dollar Near 4-Week High

Greece Has Ratings Upgraded

Oil Trades Near 2-Day High

Dow Rises to Highest Level Since 2007
Greek Default the Biggest in History?

These Days, Even God Can't Get a Loan:

Obama warns China against 'skirting the rules'
Making 9 Million Jobless "Vanish":

M2 Money Velocity Plunges Most Since 1959
France’s Upcoming Election

Expect A Quiet Fed Meeting,

FOMC: Fed Sees Higher Inflation

Citi, Ally, SunTrust And MetLife Flunk Fed's Stress Test
Warning of "Real" Anger at Banks
Israel and Gaza militants agree to ceasefire after clashes
Wisconsin voter ID law struck down

Fed keeps rates near zero,

Citi among banks that fail Fed stress test
Stress tests, no surprises but concerns
Entrepreneurs: Grayer Than You’d Think
Free the Banks!

IRS to Mom and Pop: Drop Dead
A Resolution to Impeach Is Ready

Congress could be made to pay for its budget failures
Ignoring sequestration won’t make it vanish
Boeing downplays illegal subsidies
Obama: Afghan mission to proceed despite mass shooting
Taliban threaten to behead troops
"The Black Swan" author Nassim Taleb

War: Big Government's Best Friend
Keiser Report: White Man's Debt Burden (E261)

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