Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 13

Euro ministers to approve 2nd Greek bail-out
Hungary feels the heat under strengthened EU budget rules
Finland: EU countries do not want joint foreign policy
Meredith Whitney was right
Big banks: Too big to behave?
Gas prices top $3.80 a gallon
Health reform's cost under scrutiny
Housing settlement details filed in court
LinkedIn is a hacker's dream tool
How High Will The Gold Bull Climb?
Five Charts That Prove We’re in a Depression and

When a Robot Becomes the Life of the Party
Collapse Comingâ€"Not Recovery
Homeless hotspots plan causes controversy for BBH ad agency
Syria crisis: US and UN urge Security Council unity
Banks Buy Treasuries at Seven Times 2011 Pace
Fed to Test 19 Banks’ Capital Against Recession Scenario
Portugal Yield at 13% Says Greek Deal Not Unique: Euro Credit
Two-Year Treasury Yields

Barclays: Long term picture supportive for gold,

UBS maintains bullish outlook for gold;

Biggest debt restructuring in history

The Silver Catalyst:

Israel’s Grand Strategy
Important Data Outlook for U.S. Economy
A reality check on the US economy
Afghan shooting will not affect 2014 security handover, says US
US government blocks controversial Texas voter ID law
Obama and Cameron set to end

FOMC Preview: No Policy Changes Expected At Fed Meeting
An Israeli Attack Against Iran

Ron Paul Tells Reporters He Is Suspicious

Taliban Promise Revenge for Civilian Murders in Afghanistan
Locked into an underwater mortgage, low-pay job
The hidden traps in new 2012 tax forms
No Jobs For Americans
Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee

Not Solving the Greek Debt Crisis

Wyoming Town for Sale Is Cheaper Than Most Houses
The Case for Shorting U.S. Bonds
Jim Rogers - Goldseek Radio - 06 March 2012
Taliban Vow Revenge for Afghan Civilian Deaths
Judge Napolitano This Week
War with Iran - Obama looking for a way out?
Celente: Hawks circling over Iran as only ally Syria on ropes
Gerald Celente - Goldseek Radio - 09 March 2012
Two Reasons Why the Global Economy Will Slow

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