Friday, March 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 09

The Koch Brothers, The Cato Institute, And Why Nations Fail
The FBI, The CIA, Homeland Security, The Federal Reserve And Potential Employers Are All Monitoring You On Facebook And Twitter
Global Markets: The Greek Bailout, The CDS Market, and The End of The World
Lehman Emerges From 3.5 Year Bankruptcy
Can the President Kill You?
High-Frequency Trading: Menger vs. Walras
How good is the Kochs' case in the Cato flap?
We need a: Protect America from Congress Act
More Details on the Increasingly Bitter

Not So Fast On That Whole Economic Recovery Thing
Pentagon tries to sell skeptical Congress

Pelosi says Keystone might be 'worthy'

Investors Agree to Swap About 85% of Greek Debt
Gold Bulls Strengthening

The Fed's latest plan to boost the economy
Huge Spike In Repeat Foreclosures
Gold correction may be nearing,

Gold, silver boosted by physical demand,

Most Arabs support unified currency

MIT Prof: The Kochs Will Not Takeover the World
Dollar at a Critical Juncture
North Dakota oil production hits record, again, in January
War with Iran is not inevitable, says Netanyahu
Clinton: There's still space for talks to tackle Iran nuclear issue
Syrian rebels reject Annan's call for dialogue with Assad
Netanyahu: Strike of Iran's nuclear facilities

Charles Koch: I Am Not Backing Down
How does an America with no middle class look like?
Inside that new anti-Occupy bill
Legal skull-duggery in Greece may doom Portugal
Stark slams ECB's 'shocking' balance sheet
German newspaper says 'nein' to Greek bond haircut
What's Really Making Us Fat?
It's 10 Minutes to Midnight: Introducing The Iran War Clock
The Coming Arab Identity Crisis
Why Congress May Be Done for the Year
Claims For Jobless Aid Up; Low 4-Week Average Also Rise
Obama unveils new foreclosure measures

Many Obama donors get administration jobs
FAA forecast: High air fares most of this decade
U.S. forces vulnerable to Chinese cyberattack
Senate backs Obama in pipeline rejection
Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense

War: Big Government's Best Friend
Tom Woods Hosts Peter Schiff 3/5/12:

Nullify the NDAA!
Celente: Hawks circling over Iran as only ally Syria on ropes
Keiser Report: Sharkboy & Lava Girl (E259)
Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back From The New York Fed
US Budget Deficit Hits All Time High In February
The US Deleveraging Is Now Over

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