Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 08

Tensions Are Mounting

Unintended Consequences
Why Buffett and Gartman are Wrong About Gold
15 Potentially Massive Threats To The U.S. Economy Over The Next 12 Months
Gold Falls 2%, Breaches Support On Greece Fears
Oil Falls To $123, Supply Fears Easing
Wall Street Marks First Big Loss Of 2012
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts
Solar storm heads for Earth
IRS offers relief to unemployed taxpayers
Wells Fargo to charge $7 fee on more checking accounts
Drockton:  Inflation And Economic Collapse
U.S. Warns Apple, Publishers
Why doesn't the new iPad have a name?
Spain Is the New Greece
Vulture Capitalism
Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?
Ben Bernanke Says That His Son

The Real Cost of Living: $150,000 Minimum
CFOs Expect Hiring Surge
Israel is "Master of Its Fate"
31% of FHA loans in negative equity
Bill Black: US Promotes Flawed Economic Dogma

Huge Spike in Repeat Foreclosures
Consumer Credit Surges 8.6%, Mostly on Student Debt
3 hospitalized after shooting outside Oklahoma court
Gold, silver boosted by physical demand,

A little more conversation
Bernanke Spooks Gold
Massive solar storm heading for Earth
Leon Panetta pushes back

Fed weighing new form of bond buying
Is China raising a red flag?
Plunge protection team hedging on Greece
Tough climate, dilemmas for China’s small business
Wal-Mart’s gasoline jitters
The Fukushima Syndrome
Triple trouble in Europe, US and China brings out the bears
Happy Birthday, Alan Greenspan:

Foreclosures will probably rise in 2012 â€"

U.S. tracks Syrian elite’s money transfers,

Battlefield USA 2012 Gerald Celente

Ron Paul on war with Iran -

Chris Waltzek interviews GERALD CELENTE

Andrew Breitbart and Peter Schiff May 2011
Three Charts Of The US Consumption Crash Dead Ahead
European Banks Now Face Huge Margin Calls As ECB Collateral Crumbles

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