Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 06

What Happens if Iran Does Close

What the Greek Rescue is Really About
When in France, tax the rich
The State Is a Harsh Mistress
High price soured Chevy Volt sales
Washington's $5 trillion interest bill
Why I'm learning to code
Gold Market Update
The Mainstream Media

Japan Is Now Another Spinning Plate

Fed Up with the Fed
The 60th ObamaCare Vote
Fed Takes a Break to Weigh Outlook
Next Pension Clash: Law Firms
Bad News for Boomers
McCain seeks airstrikes on Syria; US presses Putin
N.C. write offs total $3.5B
Giant, Safeway hiring as potential labor strike nears
Boom-Era Property Speculators

Fisher: Investors Should Prepare for Less Easing
Private Investors Holding About 20%

Credit Default Swap Fraud Exposed/Confirmed
Gold: Buy on dips and wait for move above $1800/oz
How much is Buffet priced in Gold?
Morgan Stanley: Gold supportive influences remain intact
US Dollar Takes Respite Ahead of Key Event Risk - RBA on Tap
Bernanke Leaks, Spoils the Punch
Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Stock Market?
Companies line up to sell debt; Treasurys slip
Angry Birds Boom Spurs U.S. Job Revival on Mobile Demand
Fed Would Focus Solely on Prices

Fed's Fisher: Wall Street May Be Addicted To Cheap Money
Illegal Mortgage Foreclosure,

Wall Street, Fed face off over physical commodities
EU criticizes shortcomings in Russian election
Obama, Netanyahu give no sign of narrowing gap on Iran
Greece bubbles towards a third bailout and boiling point
Dutch Freedom Party pushes euro exit

Need a Reason to Question Obamacare?

In Alaska, a Showdown of Lawyers, Guns,

The Next Black Swan
U.K. Police Linked to Blacklisting of Workers
Super Tuesday: Missing the Primary Issue
Will Greece Be Ruled by the Bankers or Its People?
Birmingham judge clears way

Florida lawmakers consider accelerating foreclosures
How the IMF reasserted its power in GreeceĆ¢€™s debt crisis
What the Business Roundtable knows about U.S. health care
U.S. can lawfully target American citizens
Obama shifts location of G-8 summit

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