Monday, March 5, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 05

GM laying off 1300 due to low Volt sales
Tim Geithner's Amnesia
Stockton, California Could Become Biggest City to Go Bankrupt
Brazil Declares New Currency War on US and Europe;

China announces double-digit hike in its defense budget
Buy, Sell or Hold: Buy the Dips in Gold
The Greek Bailout, the CDS Market, and the End of the World
Gold Far From Bubble Phase
The Two Economic Clutch Type Events Of This Period
Barnhardt: On Money, Banking, and Men
BofA Clash With Fannie Intensifies

Utsumi Says 'Quicksand' of BOJ Bond Purchases

China reduces holdings of US govt bonds
Physical buying picks up

Silver to outperform gold significantly in 2012
The Foreclosure-to-Rental Boondoggle
Why Can’t Americans Have Democracy?
The Economic Crisis is a Sideshow to the Real Issue
Barack Obama tells Israel conference:

Alex Jones: Blueprint to Defeat

Coin-grading firm helped bring order to a free-for-all industry
Fannie And Freddie Drop The Ball
European Funding Sows Seeds of Next Crisis
Obama: 'Too much loose talk of war' with Iran
China Boosts Military Spending by Double Digits
Bank Rate Bomb Will Destroy the Smallest and Weakest
Soaring Oil Prices Will Dwarf The Greek Drama
Plateau Oil meets 125m Chinese cars
Obama: I will not hesitate in using force

Gas Prices Doomed Carterâ€"Will They Doom Obama?
What’s ailing the Chevy Volt?
Can the shale gas boom save Ohio?
High health-care costs: It’s all in the pricing
New privacy policy lets Google watch you â€" everywhere
Regulators shutter small Georgia bank,

Al Qaeda in Iraq mounts comeback
Israel offers humanitarian aid to Syria
North Korea’s Kim visits DMZ, orders high alert
Peres: U.S., Israel agree on stopping Iranian nukes
SANDERS: Time to foreclose on the World Bank
The New American era of socialism
Gerald Celente -

Shadow Banking System Pervasive -

Trader says markets are manipulated and volumes fictitious
Keiser Report 256: Market Manipulation
Alex Jones: Blueprint to Defeat

Shadow Banking System Pervasive -

Keiser Report: D.I.C.s and Hackers (E257)

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