Friday, March 2, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 02

Painful savings rebalancing ahead for U.S. economy
China's march to currency dominance just got longer
Massive Resignations Have Started 2.0
Greece Is D-O-N-E, $70 Silver In 90 Days
Military Spending and Bastiat's "Unseen"
It's Not Really about the Debt
Fractal Gold Report: Flash Crash
Bullion Shakedown Stampedes the Ignorant
Is War Imminent?

Leave Afghanistan Now
New World Order?
Central Banks Now Operating as One Global Monopoly?
10.7 Percent: Unemployment In Europe Is Worse

Inflation Is A Tax

Lumps of Labor
Nearly half of Arizona homes are 'under water'
Five Largest Banks 'Should Be Broken Up': Fed̢۪s Fisher
Emerging market demand

The beginning of the end of Putin
Gold̢۪s Role in the Future World Economy
Brazil declares new 'currency war'
Barclays Confirms It Is Bank At Centre Of Tax Avoidance Row
Israeli PM demands Obama commit to military action

Forgery most foul!

Is Gold Giving Stocks a Warning?
Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43,

S&P Downgrades Greece To Selective Default
Bernanke warns of slow progress ahead on jobs
Fed officials flag soft economy but mum on easing
Fed's Lockhart: economy far from optimal
Fed's Pianalto: no significant change to outlook
Fed's Raskin: Stronger U.S. economy will help savers
Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse
Eurozone unemployment hits record high of 10.7pc
UK's top gold fund manager:

Witchcraft is growing threat

Euroland will pay for this monetary madness
The End of Ownership:

Surprise! The Case for QE3 Is Stronger Than Ever
Explaining the U.S. Home Health Care System
Why Bombing Iran Would Mean Invading Iran
Why Israeli Public Opinion Opposes a Strike on Iran
Will 2012 feel like a comeback or a setback?
Americans earning more, but spending still in question
Oil climbs above $110

To residents of another Washington,

Koch brothers sue Cato Institute
Russia upgrades radar station in Syria to aid Iran
Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a 'forgery'
Hackers Seized Control of Computers

Gerald Celente Speaks Of Civil Unrest

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