Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Feb 29

19 Signs That America Has Become

USA may lose all allies in Middle East
Case-Shiller: Home Prices Down 4% YOY
There is a difference between

Forget $5 gas, the new worry is $6 gas: Middle East strife threatens to push prices to record levels
Biderman: Real Time Economic Data Shows

The Objectives of Currency Devaluation
The Irrelevance of Worker Need

Why U.S. Gov’t Confiscated Gold in 1933.

GATA: The Russians And Chinese

Lying to Ourselves: America's Welfare State
Christian Conservatives Guard Religious Liberty
Mr. Obama's 'Grovel-Ready' Foreign Policy
Gold May Gain in NY on Weaker Dollar
MF Global Parent Confidentiality Rules Unfair, Customers Say
Fla. Senate panel clears foreclosure bill
Data Shows $3.50 Gas May Be Tipping Point

Remaking the Mistakes of the Great Depression
A Primer on the Euro Breakup
No Easy Fix for Gas Prices
Lieberman: U.S., Russian warnings

Top Iran official:

Pentagon pulls the plug on airborne missile defense system
Principal reduction isn't ideal fix for foreclosures, official says
Fed's Duke:

Soaring oil prices will dwarf the Greek drama
Germany approves Greek bail-out

Irish EU treaty vote threatens chaos
George Osborne: UK has run out of money
The Dow Finally Closes Above Pre-Recession 13,000 Landmark
Welcome to America's Own Foxconn
Rich more likely to take candy from babies
GAO: Overlapping government programs cost billions
Home price indices hit new lows
Volcker Rule faces protests of local, foreign governments
Home prices declined in 18 of 20 cities
Greed Isn’t Good: Wealth Could Make People Unethical
Ron Paul Educates WSJ Analyst
Biderman's Daily Edge 2/27/2012:

Gerald Celente, the Kleptocrat's Carry-Trade

Facebook claims you’re playing games you aren’t playing
Another Unintended Consequence:

Silver Explodes As DJIA Closes Above 13,000
2012 Annual Report:

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