Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Feb 28

The metamorphosis of Ben Bernanke
The insanity of health insurance
BofA mortgage move not likely to have big consumer impact
11 Reasons To Get Your Kids

BofA Stops Selling Loans to Fannie Mae:
False Recovery 2.0:  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like 2011
Latest Resignations From World Banks and Governments
Scientific Study Shows That The Powerful and Privileged

Jim Rogers: Gold to Rise Much Higher in this Decade, Do Not Sell It!
Bank sues itself, wins, and then forces itself into bankruptcy to satisfy judgment
20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions

Ayn Rand Beats Rick Santelli as First Teapartyer
Bernanke Pessimism Drives Credit

Buffett: Banks Victimized by Excesses of Ousted Homeowners
G-20 Rebuffs Europe’s Call for Help
Greece Running Out of Alternatives: Krugman
Why Gasoline Prices Are So Different Around the US
Gold & Silver:

Gold struggles to test $1800

Japan posts record trade deficit while real estate values go deep into the 1980s. US has decade long collapse in real estate values in spite of record low mortgage rates. The path of two lost decades in US real estate values is looking very similar to Japan
Countdown to Market Peak Has Begun
The High Price of Oil
Economy Squeezed as Debt Accelerates
Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims
Putin: An attack on Iran's nuclear facilities

How the Government is Robbing Pension Plans
Disability Fraud Holds Down US Unemployment Rate
In tough economy, people turning in rare, unique items in for cash
Insider Says Promontory’s OCC Foreclosure Reviews

Goldman secrets
US credit-card debt nearing toxic levels
A Good Question
To Pay New York Pension Fund, Cities Borrow From It First
Not What Paul Volcker Had in Mind
Weimar Europe?
A World Bank for a New World
Japan, China to Promote Yen-Yuan Currency Exchange
China risks 'middle income trap' without free market revolution
Spanish revolt brews

It's the Houses, Stupid
If Afghans Want to Reject the U.S.

Why Other Electronics Companies

Fixing the Federal Reserve
Bob Chapman - Expatriate Expatriate
A Planned Economy for the 1%
Lindsey Williams - Radio Liberty - 21 Feb 2012
The 'High Oil Prices = Recession' Fallacy
Brodsky On Buffet On Gold
Buy Gold...schlager: Booze Inflation Highest In 20 Years
It's Official: S&P Cuts Greece To (Selective) Default From CC

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