Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Feb 15

Insanity! Is Barack Obama

Greece Faces Further Obstacles in Bailout Deal
Oil Falls Toward $100 Ahead of US Supply Data
US Market Shakes Off Greek Worries and Advances
CB’s Trying to Keep Gold from Rising Violently
Pew report: One in eight voting registrations inaccurate
USPS: The Cursed Carriers
Consumers holding back, especially on cars
Monetary Inflation versus "Price Inflation"
ObamaCare Architect: Premiums to Soar
Losing Liberty
The Invincible Military Industrial Complex
A Warning Sign For The World
Volcker Rule Faces Harsh Critics as Effective Date Nears
NRC: Michigan nuclear plant cited for safety violations
Modestly positive outlook for gold in near term
The largest national holders of gold

Arbitraging Fed Policies with Rental Housing Cash Flows
Tail Events, Isolation, New Normal
European End Game
Regulators weigh massive public input on 'Volcker rule'
Mortgage delinquencies rose in late 2011
Faulty reasoning keeps Fannie and Freddie

The Coming World Government
Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?
What Obama's 2013 Budget Means for Entrepreneurs
The Global Future of Europe’s Crisis
A Clarion Call for Emerging Markets
U.S. carrier crosses Hormuz amid rising Gulf tensions
Towns go dark with post office closings
Greek economy spirals down as EU forces final catharsis
Do the Long-Term Unemployed Deserve Special Treatment?
Roses Are in the Red: Why Local Florists Are Fading
Home-schooling demographics change, expand
Israeli attack on Iran would be complex operation
Iran’s measure of desperation
FHA a beneficiary in mortgage settlement
Eurozone meeting on Greece

'Modest' raise in Obama's proposed budget

Obama’s budget calls for pay raises;

India walks tightrope as U.S. toughens Iran sanctions
Iranian patrol boats shadow US aircraft carrier

Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk
U.S. concerned about spike in Iran-Israel ‘shadow war’

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