Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Feb 09

Good reason to red-carpet Merkel
100 million working age Americans don't have jobs.
Greeks build fence to ward off asylum seekers
Postwar Rent Controls
Fisker is not another Solyndra ... yet
Homegrown Terrorism Has Shrunk to Minuscule Proportions
Today's Dilemma for Conservatives
Pennies: Where are they all going?
New York's Koch-Fueled Binge:

The End of Wall Street as They Knew It
Speaking Up Is Hard to Do: Researchers Explain Why
IMF Urges Beijing to Prepare Stimulus
ObamaCare's Great Awakening
Buying Gold In Uncertain Times
Goldman’s Hawker Beechcraft

Bernanke Economy Proves Critics Clueless on Fed
China May Invest Tens of Billions

Euro Declines as Greek Leaders

Google Privacy Changes Must Be Stopped,

Iran, Greece Fears Yield to Central Bankers, Stock Gains
New York, California Said to Be Signing

Treasuries Rise as Greek Leaders Fail

U.S. Likely to Approve Google Bid for Motorola
California, New York might sign on to MERS settlement
Why Our Currency Will Fail
The High Cost of 0%
Dispelling Mainstream Media

The U.S. and China: A Duel to the Debt
Will MF Global Customer Interests Be Crushed by Big Banks?
Congress May Crush Key Tool For IRA Inheritors
Syria: rockets rain down on Homs as violence escalates
Decline Of US Economy Is The Logical Outcome Of Keynesian Economics
Francois Hollande will spark next euro crisis
Honda messed with the wrong woman
Iran envoy:

Fed’s Williams: If Recovery Falters, QE3 Is on the Table
States Negotiate $25 Billion Deal for Homeowners
U.S. and Israel Split on Ways to Deter Iran
Will Iran Be Attacked?
Open Letter to Congress on SOPA: Take a Breath
Obama’s Middle East Malady
Capturing the ECB
China’s Syrian Folly
FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists
Greek deal prospects rise, euro ministers to meet
Jobs rebound dampens QE3 prospects: Fed officials
Why Wall Street Should Stop Whining
Equity markets sing a different tune from IMF
Trigger-happy central banks spark bond euphoria
International 'militarisation' in Syria

McCarthy, Beck, and the New Hate
Illusion Of Recovery -- Feelings vs. Facts
Meet the Obscure Federal Regulator

Scaled-back ethics measure

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