Friday, February 3, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Feb 03

Baltic Dry: The Death Of An Index
Thomas Friedman and the End of "Average"
Who's Still OK With Deficit Spending Now?
Treasury Ponders Negative Interest Rates
Senate approves bill

Geithner: Dodd-Frank critics

20 Signs That Europe Is Plunging Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression
The Coming Economic Crisis:  This Is A Breakdown Crisis
Venezuela Announces "Irrevocable" Withdrawal

Bernanke Won’t Trade Inflation Goal for Jobs
China’s Wen Raises Euro Funding Prospect
Doug Casey on the Coming War with Iran
Fed's Low Rates Killing Credit, Slowing Recovery: Gross
Rising Deficits Pose Major Threat to Economy: Bernanke
Own Vs. Rent Riles Government Housing Policy
European debt crisis remains supportive influence for gold
Gold may hit $2,000 within 3 months: James Turk
Gold: The target is between $2,750 to $3,000 by June 2013
Silver: Elliott Wave analysis targets $158.34/oz in Wave 3
Syrians buying 30 times more gold

Chairman of Joint Chiefs to Israelis:

The Health Care Racket
The Iran Crisis and Israeli Nukes
Ingredients for Inflation
Gallup Points to Weaker Employment Report Tomorrow
Gold Breaks Bearish Trendline; Key Target for Silver at $37
US Nuclear Sub Heads Towards Persian Gulf
Timothy Geithner defends financial overhaul from GOP criticism
Getting back to the gold standard
Goldman Sachs likely to avoid criminal charges

China Considers Offering Aid in Europe’s Debt Crisis
Effort to Rebrand Arab Spring Backfires in Iran
It Is Safe to Resume Ignoring the Prophets of Doom ... Right?
American Airlines Wants to Terminate

CBO: How Hosed Are We?
Making It in America
PACs Americana
House votes to freeze congressional, federal pay
Fed chief warns Congress

Greece: European Central Bank,

Improving the TV-to-computer connection
Long-term commitment for U.S. forces in Afghanistan
Pay cut for bureaucrats

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