Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 26

IMF Urges ECB to Expand Its Balance Sheet to Tame Crisis
Who Is Dan Jester

EU sanctions on Iran peppered with exemptions
Business giants take note of EU internet rights bill
Stock Market Rally Still Missing One Thing:  Crowds
US, Europe Face More Ratings Cuts In Coming Years
Is the United States in a Liquidity Trap?
Mystery Men of the Financial Crisis
Watchdog requests documents from Gingrich ethics probe
GOP prepares bill to replace

Bernanke: Long haul remains for recovery
Geithner: I won't serve second term
George Soros Talks of Economic Collapse in the West
Croatia Votes to Join EU After Pensions Threatened
World Economic Forum in Switzerland:

Bird-Flu Virus Engineered in Wisconsin Lab

Boeing Financing May Get Government Boost Before Costs Rise
Geithner: Obama Wouldn’t Ask Me to Stay in a Second Term
Geithner Says Europe’s Woes Tougher to Solve Than U.S. Crisis
Greek Debt Talks to Resume in Athens

Roubini: Europe Needs 'Massive Monetary Easing'
Jobs Are Biggest Issue of Next Decade: Pandit, Others
George Soros Has Hard Words for European Union
Silver is on the way to break $50/oz in 2012
War Abroad; Austerity at Home
Paper Money Collapse
Kodak Files For Bankruptcy
US Federal Reserve to keep interest rates near zero until 2014
Gold ends atop $1,700; Fed extends low-rate pledge
Indiana House Approves ‘Right to Work’ Measure
The Wall Street Money Machine
What the State of the Union means for your wallet
Mixed reviews for Obama speech among Davos mighty
IMF's Lagarde: combining ESM, EFSF would boost confidence
Davos 2012: George Soros warns

Angela Merkel defiant as IMF leads attack on Germany
Davos Takes Lessons From China and Latin America
America's New Strategy: Endless War(s)
How the U.S. and Iran

Buffett: I'll Go $1 for $1 with GOP to Pay Down Debt
U.S. eyes expanded military role in Philippines
Boeing faced with strong headwinds
Newt Threatens China and Russia With Cyberwar

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