Monday, January 16, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 16

Reading between the lines:

Has Capitalism Failed Us?
Money Printing: The Ugly Truth Behind the "Good News"
Wrong-Way Friedman
Scrubbed MF Global Filing Resurfaces at the SEC,

U.S., Israel postpone military exercise amid tension with Iran
Troubled RI city in receivership loses democracy
Housing and Oil: Dark Inventory Rules
Evans Says Jobless Rate May Rise as Progress 'Transitory'
Fed̢۪s Lacker Says

Nine Euro Nations̢۪ Ratings Cut, Seven Affirmed
U.S. Trade Deficit Widens

Fed Officials Debate Impact

Merkel Says S&P Downgrades

Treasury Yields Drop

Euro Falls After S&P Strips France of AAA Rating
Gold 2012: Goldman maintains 12-month target of $1,940/oz
Gold: Current bull market

Gold lower ahead of 3-day

Silver: A unique buy signal from the CEF
Silver: If you buy anything in 2012, buy Silver
Six reasons why still to buy gold bullion or gold
City Bankruptcies Will Increase, Dimon Warns
Auction 2012: Top 10 Reasons to Get Money Out
How the Wall Street Journal Misleads About Federal Jobs
What CEOs and Hedge Funds

Dropbox inventor

Attacks on Social Security,

Beware a slow cascade of additional foreclosures in 2012
Obama Pitches One Federal Department for Business
The Year Of The Central Bank
More aggressive Fed could benefit economy: Evans
Fed officials say not time to buy bonds now
NY Fed seeking bidders for mortgage bonds
Euro shaky after mass ratings downgrade, outlook poor
The evolution of American debt
5% of Americans Made Up 50% of U.S. Health Care Spending
Eleven states, D.C. back Obama on health law
Nigerian fuel strike continues, could impact U.S. oil supply
Iran warns Gulf Arabs on oil

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