Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 12

Farmers Sue Jon Corzine Over Missing Millions
10 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories

Economic crisis means

Trouble Is Brewing for Office Market
Champions of Freedom
The Mythical Middle in American Politics
Education's Medicaid Problem
24 Statistics To Show

Obama or More of the Same
Unemployment Drop Masks On-going Decline
Iran car explosion kills nuclear scientist in Tehran
Iran and the undeclared campaign
Corzine Sued by Montana Farmers

Bernanke Doubling Down on Housing Bet

China’s Gold Imports From Hong Kong

Spanish Banks Undermine Recovery

Too-Big-to-Fail Bank Definition

Iran: Oh, No; Not Again
Government Set to Sell Foreclosures in Bulk
Charting the gold price back to the year 1265
Gold & Silver: Deflationary downward wave
US consumer credit borrowings

Will silver drive the rally in 2012?
White House and State Department are in No Position

Election Industry in Crisis as Romney Romps Home
Clinton's Tone Deaf US Foreign Policy Announcements

The Housing Bubble and the Economic Crisis
China’s 2012 Gold Panic
The Ponzi Debt Bubble Leaves Only Two Options
The Neverending MF Global Story:

Japan and Canada warn on Volcker rule impact
US Bank Failures Declined in 2011
China bank regulator bans some derivative sales
Fed Seen Unveiling QE3 Bond Plans By Summer
U.S. sells 10-year debt at lowest-ever yield
More proof that Obama's regulatory leaders

Why Banks Back SOPA,

Underwater Homeowners May Swim Freely
Growing wealth divide puts globalization at risk
Hostess returns to bankruptcy over pensions
Homeland Security watches Twitter, social media
Hostess Files for Bankruptcy, but the Twinkie Will Never Die
Saving the Post Office: The Models of Kiwibank and Japan Post
12 Infected With New Swine Flu Strain
For those hurting most, Fed’s remedies limited
Smart TVs: The next tech war is in the living room
Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses
U.S. runs in the red for 39th straight month
Killing America’s Dreams, One Lousy Concept Car at a Time
Almost 1 In 3 U.S. Warplanes Is a Robot
U.S. Drone War Returns to Pakistan (And It Ain’t Stopping)

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