Monday, January 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 09

Where Did Nine Million Cable Subscribers Go?
Cadillac Reveals Compact ATS
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Exclusive Interview â€"

Factory Orders Rise, But Business Investments Slip
Oil Price Stays Around $103 a Barrel
Rounding Errors In the Big Scheme of Things
Hidden Mortgage Tax

Argentina's Capital Flight
Fed Policy Makers Urge More Housing Aid
Oil Pipeline Bypassing Hormuz

Banks Can Go Below Basel Minimum Liquidity Levels in Crisis
Bullard Says New Quantitative Easing Unlikely
Hungary Has No Preconditions

Monti Says No More Budget Cutting Needed

'Dollar could hinder gold, but fundamentals still
Gold, silver, platiniun, palladium

'Reasons why silver to hit $50 in April 2012'
Iran, Israel and US plan Gulf exercises
China syndrome dictates Barack Obama's Asia-Pacific strategy
Iran on edge over upcoming elections
Freddie Mac to give unemployed homeowners a break
New rules allow

Gold Bottom Targets Trend to $4000
Silver Confirms the Bullish Outlook for Precious Metals
Why Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold
China data, Geithner trip on Asia’s agenda
Ex CIA Director Warns Iran on 'Inexorable' Path to Nukes
An Appalling Idea, Even by Washington Standards
Iran to launch nuclear work in bunker in "near future"
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:  2012 Could Be The Year Germany Lets The Euro Die
Who's in charge the next time banks fail?

David Cameron: we will not negotiate over the Falklands
New Law Will Investigate FDIC's Role in Bank Failures
Crisis Conditions Grip Eurozone
'Renter Nation' rages on as new reality in U.S.
Fracking for oil, natural gas spurs sand mining in Midwest
Forget inflation: Is deflation the real threat?
Mortgage modification scams trap desperate homeowners
Big tax break depends on difference

SEC changes settlement rules

Five myths about the American dream
Durable during two years of crisis, the euro begins to slide
White House calls for modest 0.5% pay raise

Apple coming to Target?
American, British, Israeli and Iranian Warships

New Jersey Will Pay You $1000

Russia, Iran Proceed With Bilateral Trade,

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