Friday, January 6, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 06

January Surprise:

Gartman admits he made a bad call on gold
No Doctor For You: How The Federal Government Is Chasing Millions Of Good Doctors Out Of The Medical Profession
Peter Schiff:  Now's A Perfect Time For A Gold Rally
Against Euro And Yen, Dollar Defied Reality
Financial Predictions For 2012
What's In Store For The Housing Market In 2012?
Obama Promises

Look Out Below â€"

Greek Prime Minister warns of March default
Boeing Betrayal Stirs Wichita

BofA Surges on Speculation of Mortgage Plan
China-S. Korea to Discuss Trade, Kim Succession
Dubai, Fujairah Ports Are Busy as Usual

Gold Has Longest Rally in 10 Weeks

Insurers Profit From Health Law They Fought
SocGen Paces

Apartment Vacancies in U.S. Decline

Wells Fargo Faces Scrutiny

Egypt’s Envoy Says Israel Treaty Secure,

Gold Traders Most Bullish

Gold will soon target $2400/oz: Citi Bank
Cuba, the Embargo and the Digital Divide
The Joke is on the Rest of Us
Is The Fed Bailing Out Europe?
Backdoor QE, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Insolvency
Was 2011 the End of the Gold Rush?
Obama plans to cut tens of thousands of ground troops
Iran could close Hormuz -- but not for long
Fed says expand Fannie, Freddie role to aid housing
New Pentagon strategy stresses Asia, cyber, drones
What Killed Kodak?
Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)
If Voters Cared About Liberty,

The Corzines Went Château Shopping

Anonymous's War Against Neo-

Debacle! How Two Wars in the Greater Middle East Revealed the Weakness of the Global Superpower
Santorum, Huntsman and the Future of Conservatism
Hungary open to discuss IMF standby deal,

New Web site uses humor

Swank sushi:

Obama announces new, leaner military approach
IRS could face glut of health law tax appeals
Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Unions 'want me dead'
Mass Home Refinancing Rumor Rejected,

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