Monday, January 2, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 02

Online car-selling scam nets $4 million, prosecutors say
Strait of Hormuz:

Iran says it has produced its first nuclear fuel rod
Is America Losing Control?
The Next Step
Foreclosure Free Ride:  Three Years, No Payments
US Mint Says Has Enough Gold, Silver Eagles Coins
U.S. Net Exporter of Petroleum Products -

War Imminent in Straits of Hormuz? $200 a Barrel Oil?
Ringing in a Conservative Year
Voters Want Growth, Not Income Redistribution
30 Statistics That Show

The Number One Catastrophic Event

The Obama Nation:

Two Four Star Generals

Consumer Comfort In US Receded Last Week
Asian Stocks Advance On US Optimism
China’s Central Bank

Euro Leaders Aim to Buy Time to Save Currency
A Look At Economic Developments Around The Globe
Some Housing Forecasts
Five factors affecting the gold price
Gold will bottom in Jan-Feb, then explode to $1900/oz
U.S. Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011 --

Iran navy tests surface-to-air missile in drill
What’s Behind the Euro Crisis and How Will It End?
The Shadow Superpower
Foreign central banks cut US treasuries Year in Review
European leaders predict 2012 will be worse than 2011
North Korea's new year message declares era of prosperity
Presidential campaign

Air Force buys an Avenger,

MAP: Strait of Hormuz
Bank failures ease, but more expected in 2012
Supplies of gold and silver American Eagles

Unrestrainedly bullish on gold - even more so on silver
Could gold confiscation become a reality?
America’s Threat to Trans-Pacific Trade
Russia’s Inevitable Democratization
U.S. consumer in the slow lane
Japan hit by 7.0 earthquake
Americans buy record numbers of guns for Christmas
The Year U.S. Debt Beat Gold
Who Are the 6 Million?
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Saga Continues
Most Companies Don’t Plan to Hire in 2012
Iran seeking to expand influence in Latin America
The coming war with Iran
EEOC: High school diploma requirement

Incandescent bulbs dimming despite GOP efforts on Hill
The Only Hope In The Coming Storm
Presenting The Exchange Stabilization Fund In 5 Parts:

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