Thursday, December 15, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 15

JPMorgan Shares Fall

Rise Of The Beast System:

Peter Schiff: How Are You Going To Survive When Gold Is Money Again?
Corporate Warnings Bode Ill For Earnings
Wall Street Tumbles On Europe, Intel's Outlook
NY Fed Granted MF Global

David Cameron's Finest Hour
Senators Who Love the Government But Hate America
MF Global: What did Corzine know?
Bernanke worries Europe's woes will spill into U.S.
Deal Or No Deal? The Climate Con Lives On In Durban
Millions set to lose jobless benefits รข€"
"I'm very scared," one tells Yahoo News

Gridlock to the Rescue?
The New China Syndrome
Mega Fail:

The Collapse Of The Euro,

The Land of Anti-Gold Propaganda

Ahmadinejad: Iran has 'been able to control' U.S. drone

China imposes tariff on US car imports
House of Representatives passes $662bn defense bill
Iran Reiterates Threat To Close Strait of Hormuz If Attacked
Gold drops nearly 5%, breaks 200-day average
Our decade from hell will get worse in 2012
Lawmakers Offer Bipartisan Plan to Overhaul Medicare
Village Revolts Over Inequities of Chinese Life
China's epic hangover beginsstrong> Markets and euro suffer

Eurozone crisis poses military risk,

China considers Seychelles military base plan
China dispatches largest patrol ship to East China Sea
Renault grandchildren take France to court
Iran considers moving

Iran to transfer nuclear production

US military drone crashes in Seychelles
Too Big to Stop:

What America Can Learn From Kuwait About Dealing With Iran
Treasury sells 30-year bonds at a record-low yield
Ex-Pentagon official: Captured spy plane seems fake
China has checkered record in WTO
U.S. to leave Iraqi airspace clear

Outrage! Author of 'stimulus' linked to companies it helped
If Silver Goes Down All H**l Will Break Loose In The Physical Market

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