Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 14

Gerald Celente: Predicts An Economic 9/11 For The United States Economy
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

Is The Eurozone Banking System About To Collapse
Pinning down the fine print at E Trade, Scottrade, and Fidelity on hypothecation policies
Back-door Bank Runs In Europe Have Started
Three Stooges Testify about Missing Money at MF Global
Signs of Disintegration
Silver Wars â€" Attack On The COMEX, SLV And MF Global
U.S. Retail Sales Rose at Slower Pace in November
Prepare for a European default: Kyle Bass
Boeing Sees Biggest Order Ever From Southwest
Realtors: We Overcounted Home Sales for Five Years
Fed Looking to Unlock Liquidity, Economist Says
'Factors that will influence silver and gold in 2012'
Give silver bullion AAA Rating
Will China's trillion dollar infra loans

Tweet sparks 10,000-strong rush on Latvian bank after rumours it was in financial crisis
Jim Sinclair On Gold And The World Financial System
‘Mother of all bank runs’ has already begun in eurozone
What does Canada's withdrawal from Kyoto protocol mean?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Israeli military base

Wisconsin faces lawsuit

Silver consolidation to continue

Chinese still buying gold big time -huge imports in October
CME's Duffy: MF Global Broke Rules,

Fed Takes No Action, Citing Signs of Moderate Growth
Fed must act now to boost economy, Evans says
Oil jumps 2 percent on Iran jitters,

FOMC statement from Dec 13 meeting
Fed sees risks from Europe
Iran to hold war game on closure Hormuz Strait: MP
Confusion over Britain's £30bn share of IMF rescue for Europe
Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters'
Iran demands Barack Obama apology for US drone
Syria crisis:

Hey, Barney Frank:

House passes GOP payroll tax package

Greece is slipping on reforms, IMF warns
White House cutting production of presidential dollar coins;

Obama to slash National Guard force on U.S.-Mexico border
Obama veto vow

U.S. probing alleged cyberattack plot by Venezuela, Iran
Exposing the Bakken Boom
Iran Threatens to Send Oil to $200 a Barrel
Is The Euro Today

Iran Military Practicing Straits Of Hormuz Closure

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