Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 13

Europe Facing Either German Domination or Financial Collapse
Federal Reserve Owns USA!
Looking for Inflation? It’s Hiding in Smaller Package Sizes
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

57% of O.C. escrows are distressed homes
Occupy protests shut down 2 Portland terminals,

Welcome to Freddie and Fannie’s Mortgage Shell Game
North Dakota's Bakken Oil Fields go from Strength to Strength
Is War in the South China Sea Inevitable?
Gold Model Forecasts $4,380 Gold Price
Shocking Charts And Statistics

The Tim Tebow Comeback Story Continues

Signs of Disintegration
The Detainee: A Tale Of Collapse
Price Check angers U.S. senator

FDIC reportedly settles with former WaMu execs
HSBC Sues MF Global Over $850,000 of Gold
HSBC Sues MF Global Over $850,000 of Gold
Commodities Fall to Two-Week Low, Led by Metals,

Dollar Reaches Two-Month High

U.S. Economic Data is Surprising Forecasters
Goldman Sachs Major Target

Billionaire Prokhorov to Challenge Putin
China 'Interventionist Policies' Still a Concern: U.S.
Sarkozy: We need Britain,

CME won't guarantee funds

BRICS face problems, invest in five other emerging markets
Gold: Bullish for medium term;


Understanding debt obligations after foreclosure
Homeowners association

Americans' view of Congress at all-time low
American privilege rots an empire from within
Asia markets fall as Europe optimism fades
China gets fresh chance to float the yuan
Fed busy behind scenes on third year of zero rates
What is the median household income in the US?

Epilepsy Foundation warning shows that television,

Is the Farm Boom About to Bust?
How the World Failed to Address Climate Changeâ€"Again
The real unemployment rate is 11 percent
Europe’s debt summit fails to halt rise in borrowing costs
Stocks, euro and Italian bonds fall

The man who predicted the European debt crisis

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