Monday, December 12, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 12

More Governmental Insights:

All Hail The United States Of Germany?

MF Global: The Issue Is Fraud

Europe’s Transition From Social Democracy to Oligarchy
Household wealth takes biggest hit since '08
Europe summit: 'The world is watching us'
EPA sounds alarm on fracking in Wyoming
Gold buyers tempt Greeks facing hard times
Are Central, Commercial Banks Lending or Selling Gold?
Gold Shortages Are Real
The Road Not Taken
You Can’t Print More Gold
Another Neo-Greenbacker Central Banking Scheme
Moody's Downgrades Three French Banks
Why Do Banks Fail Together In A Crisis?
Public Retirement Ages Come Under Greater Scrutiny
China's Hu Vows to Pursue More Balanced Trade
Iran won't return U.S. drone it claims to have
Banks are preparing for a Euro collapse, are you?
Bullish outlook for silver and gold in 2012
Bill Gross â€" Wrong on Bonds Again?
Euro zone deal overlooks a major threat: lousy growth
The day Europe lost patience with Britain
Syrian defectors regroup in Turkey, plot Assad's end
EU summit may not calm investors for long
OECD warns of economic uphill struggle next year
Eurozone leaders deluded if they think this 'sticking plaster' treaty can solve the debt crisis
Merkel's Teutonic summit enshrines Hooverism in EU treaty law
Time to Start Preoccupying Wall Street
What went wrong with foreclosure aid programs?
Russians turn to Internet for uncensored news
Former strongman Noriega returns home a prisoner,

Merkel caught between upsetting her voters or Europe
Future of eurozone looks bleak to some
Labor board: Boeing case dropped, but more possible
All E.U. nations but U.K. open to joining new treaty

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