Thursday, September 22, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 22

Protesters Dump Trash
Maple Leaf silver coins seeing record demand
Fake Fixes for the Real US Debt Problem
A Message For The Government:
Federal Reserve Board: Operation Twist, "Significant Downside Risk"' to the Economy
Moody's cuts ratings on 3 banks
How High Oil Prices Will Fuel Europe's Next Economic Crunch
IMF Growth Forecast:
Iran vs. NATO: The Twilight War in Syria
Four Minutes to Explain All That Is Wrong With America
Double-Dip Learning Curve
How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb?
Nervous Breakdown?
Why debt levels are so high
Fed Will Lengthen Maturity of Securities
Gold Surge Fuels Inflation, Vexes Asia Officials
Republican Defections Kill Measure Needed to Avoid Shutdown
There's A Book Coming Out Today
Will there be another Refinance Boom?
House defeats Republican spending plan
Out of Work Man Asks:
Retail Launches Its Own Job Growth Policy Campaign
The Case for Hyperinflation in the US
US Federal Reserve statement in full
The Most Dangerous Bubble of All
Is Gold a Safe Haven from a Greek Default?
The Next Selling Wave is About to Begin
BofA worst hit by MoodyĆ¢€™s downgrades
In U.S., 6 in 10 Do Not Expect Economy to Improve Soon
Fed announces $400bn Operation Twist
Palestinians ready to put statehood
Liquidity Crisis? A Currency Perspective
How to Prevent a Depression
House unexpectedly defeats spending bill
Is the US Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse?
US Federal Reserve agrees new stimulus for economy
Buffett Rule Rorschach:
To Save the U.S. Economy, the Fed Does the 'Twist'
Too much gold, not enough space
WH and Fed sleeping together
Did They Just Shut Down The Government AGAIN?

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