Monday, September 19, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 19

Currency Intervention's Impact on the Price of Gold
What America's Geithner will be telling his EU counterparts
Enhanced Pat-Downs At NFL Games?
In Europe, echoes of Lehman,
Household Wealth Dipped in Spring
Oil Drops as US, Europe Clash Over Debt Crisis
Unemployment Rates Rose in Majority of States
EO 13095 - Suspends EO 13083
EO 13083 - Federalism
EO 13132 - Federalism
The Next Phase in the Currency Wars
The Fed's unemployment hawks
Howard Dean: I Read An Executive Order
Market Havoc and Threats to Your Pension
The Next Wave
EU debt crisis being used to consolidate political control
Bank of America could put Countrywide unit into bankruptcy
Gold Jumps Most in a Week
Volcker Rule May Be Extended
Finance Chiefs Fail to Bolster Euro on Greece
Hedge Fund Heavyweight Says Gold Bet Not Over
U.S. Housing Rut to Continue, Economists Say
Libyan Rebels Repelled From Qadaffi Stronghold
Palestinian UN Bid Will Fail, Netanyahu Says
Payless Poised for Buyout at 76% Discount
Treasury 10-Year Futures Rise
Regulators Use of Third Party
U.S. Stock Futures Decline
Fed Expected to Launch New Program
Gold price drivers:
Silver prices may rise to $150 in 18 months
The New Face of Foreclosure: Strategic Defaults
The California surge in foreclosures
America’s Poorest States
Eurozone threat looms over IMF meeting
Palestinian anger at US fuels diplomatic crisis over statehood
Gaddafi loyalists stage desperate defence in stronghold of Sirte
The future of Greece rests on a phone call
Almost 1 in 6 Americans Living Below Poverty Line
5 Central Banks Move to Supply Cash to Europe
Advice on Debt? Europe Suggests U.S. Can Keep It
Endless Summer for Unemployment
There you go, Steelers, here we don't
New York meetings open to avert Palestinian crisis
Can China escape as world's debt crisis reaches Act III?
Greek tax evasion:
Administration Ignored Warnings on Long-Term Care Plan
Preserving Life (Unless It's Uninsured)
It's the Economy, Dummkopf!

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