Monday, September 12, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 12

The Auto Industry Begins To Sink, Again
Obama's $447 billion reelection plan
Marc Faber's Warning Shocks CNBC Anchors:
A Jobs Program in Need of Reform
Divide And Conquer:
Marc Faber Says Gold Is “Dirt Cheap” & The Price Could Reach $10,000 Per Ounce
Consumer Borrowing Up for 10th Straight Month
The Fed and the ECB: Two Paths, One Goal
How Government Impedes Recovery
The Quality of Money
False Comparison to 2008
Three People Sought In 9/11 Anniversary Plot
Funding Regime Change?:
Do You Now Understand Why You Need To Prepare For Emergencies?
The Obama Jobs Plan: 10 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Joke
Cairo: Israeli embassy attacked, state of emergency declared
The revolution of capitalism
Germany May be Ready to Surrender Over Greece
Gold Advances as Escalating Debt Contagion Boosts Haven Demand
Treasury Yield Is Three Basis Points
Economist Calls Entitlements A Massive Ponzi Scheme
'Gold at $1,800/oz a beginning'
White-collar 9/11 traumatic stress seen
When the China Bubble Bursts
China Confirms Gold Price Suppression, Part 1
Facts on the Pan Asian Gold Exchange (PAGE)
Prepare for a Recession and Bear Market!
War â€" The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort
NATO And U.S. Make Libya Safe For Plutocracy
Regulators close small Fla bank; 2011 total is 71
Angry US taxpayers stamp on companies paying no corporate tax
America remembers the victims of 9/11 with tributes and tears
New York cracks down after 'credible' threat
Greece adds property tax to budget plan
Michael Z. Williamson
U.S. corporations set to profit well
In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself
Europe Is Urged to Take Bolder Action on Debt
Rich Tax Breaks Bolster Makers of Video Games
Your Car: The Next Target for Hackers
Fitch warns of downgrades for China, Japan
Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War
Obama and Jobs: Why I Don't Believe Him Anymore
Bank Of America To Cut At Least 40,000 Jobs
Summer of volatility gives way to a mood of quiet resignation
Germany and Greece flirt with mutual assured destruction
German minister raises 'orderly default' for Greece
How Much Will Refinancing Help the Economy
If Americans Don't Want More Stimulus, Will It Work?
The Perfect Stimulus: Free, Politically Viable, and Deficit-Reducing
Latest Health-Care Ruling a Double Win for Obama
Indebted States Must Give Up Control of Their Budgets
Could Turkey and Israel Go to War?
WikiLeaks Discloses the Reason(s) Behind China's Shadow Gold-Buying Spree

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