Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 07

Obama's 2012 hopes may rest on jobs plans
A View of the Long-Term Trends in the Housing Market
Making Way for the Era of Sovereign Default
The Future For Most Americans:
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Refuse to Be Used
It's a terrible world for the markets
Obama's stimulus gambit
Is the euro doomed?
Obama May Soon Join America's Unemployed
Growing Proof of Obama's Imperial Presidency
Hoffa responds, reaffirms tea party remarks
WikiLeaks drops bombshell on gold market; GATA right again!
Central Banks, BIS and Goldman Sachs Coercion
140 Years Of Silver Volatility
Inside the Christian Right Dominionist Movement
The Untold Story in Libya:
North Dakota Fights Wall Street's Influence With a State Bank
Gold May Rebound as Swiss Franc Ceiling
Roubini: Slowdown Brings Forward New Crisis
Treasury Approves $4.3 Billion for Small Business Lending Fund
'Helicopter Ben' May Deter Lending With Lower Rates Policies,
Gold prices test $1900/oz again as macro insecurity persists
Dollar, gold strong on worries about European Monetary Union
Gold rally extends on global economic worries
Gary Foster, Ex-Citigroup VP, Admits Embezzling Over $22 Million
Leon Panetta Tours September 11 Memorial Park,
"Fraud As a Business Model"
Eurozone Deathwatch
Swiss Franc Collapses Against the Dollar
Is China Buying Gold to Challenge the U.S. Dollar?
Uncle Sam is a reluctant landlord of foreclosed homes
Obama plan may not be enough to fix jobs market
Working-age poor population highest since '60s
BofA job cuts could reach 30,000
When it comes to the crunch with the euro, economics will trump law
Switzerland abandons floating exchange rate
German austerity drive risks Euro-slump
Banks Offered a Deal on Foreclosure Flawsâ€"Will They Bite?
The Tyranny of Zombie Economics in America
Whither the Post Office?
Is Civil War in Syria Inevitable?

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